Fandom Recommends: What to Watch and Play in April

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Whether you’re into comedies or combat, clones or thrones, blockbuster or indie films, your entertainment choices this month are more plentiful than April showers.

Here are our picks for the month:

Watching WrestleMania on April 3

WrestleMania week is here, and whether you are a fan of professional wrestling or not, WWE always goes the extra mile and comes up with a few surprises to ensure “The Show of Shows” lives up to its namesake. The main draws this year are the return of Shane McMahon to face the Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match, and Roman Reigns vs. Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. However, look for the Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose No Holds Barred Street Fight, or the Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks Divas Championship match to steal the show. [Matthew Allen]

Watching Season 2 of Catastrophe on April 8

The first season of Catastrophe — a British comedy about a couple who have a one-night stand, get knocked up, and decide to make a go of it — was a perfect, bite-sized encapsulation of life during pregnancy. It also coincided with my wife’s own pregnancy, making every punchline hit that much harder. In the second season, the show shifts focus to the newborn experience, that wonderful/amazing/fantastic phase of parenthood (can you sense the sarcasm?) my wife and I are in now. And, with only six episodes at 30 minutes each, it’s the rare TV season we can actually finish between all the diaper changes, feedings, and crying jags. [Brett Bates]

Watching Season 2 of Outlander on April 9

Why will I be watching Outlander this month? Two words: Jamie Fraser. The Scottish hero of this time travel romance has a fandom of his very own, people. The first season of this Starz show was an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. Young English nurse Claire honeymoons with her husband in Scotland just after the end of World War II. When she comes across a stone circle in the countryside, Claire’s transported back in time to 1743 where Lairds rule the land, and she has to quickly adapt and survive in this harsher time. She’s soon forced to marry young bachelor Jamie, who she soon falls in love with. This new season finds the couple overseas in France, after having to flee Scotland to escape the sadistic British Captain Jack Randall. Do you love your sci-fi mixed with some history and steamy romance? Then you should be watching Outlander with me. [Annette Cardwell]

Playing Dark Souls on April 12

Dark Souls is known for its brutal difficulty. Those willing and able to confront the challenges of Dark Souls are rewarded with one of the best feelings of accomplishment games can provide. Dark Souls III promises to carry on this tradition, breaking you down again and again, only to build you back up into something glorious. Have faith in yourself. This is a game for everyone. [Jorge Albor]

Watching Season 4 of Orphan Black on April 14

Clone Club is back and Season 4 goes back to the beginning to revisit what started it all – Beth‘s suicide on the train tracks. Tatiana Maslany’s name makes up at least half of the cast credits and there’s almost nothing better than watching her transform into clone after clone, including a British street punk, a twerking soccer mom, a brainy scientist, and a feral Ukrainian killer. This season takes us down yet another rabbit hole of twists and turns: both Leda and Castor clones are in play, Neolution‘s agenda begins to be revealed, and new clones are introduced. Most frightening of all: a very hungry and pregnant Helena adjusts to suburban life. Plus, if you can’t get enough of this sestra act, After the Black, a 30-minute in-depth discussion with cast and crew will air immediately after each week’s episode. Bring in the clones. [Lesley Chen]

Watching Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on April 15

Being trapped in an underground bunker for 15 years by a doomsday cult leader/aspiring kung fu artist would break almost anyone, but not our titular effervescently optimistic heroine. This season, Kimmy, a human ray of sunshine, continues to adjust to “normal” life in New York by getting a job at a year-round Christmas store. Titus is fierce and fabulous as ever and finds love (!), and Jacqueline tries to maintain her trophy wife status, minus the husband. The list of guest stars this season — Fred Armisen, Anna Camp, Zosia Mamet, Jeff Goldblum, David Cross, and repeats Amy Sedaris and Tina Fey — is the stuff comedic dreams are made of, but the true appeal of the show lies in its wonderfully weird heart. Well, that and the best/worst music video of all time, Peeno Noir. [Lesley Chen]

Watching The Huntsman: Winter’s War on April 22

There’s a school of thought that this is a sequel that no one wanted, but it’s actually one of those projects that has a lot going for it. The first film was actually quite good though Kristen Stewart was miscast in the leading role as Snow White. This time there is no Snow White and as a result there’s a freedom to the proceedings. Snow White and the Huntsman wasn’t treated as a big deal upon release but it was a beautiful and mostly effective new IP. This film is a prequel and a sequel to that film and with additions like Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain and the return of Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, it has all the tools it needs to rise to the next level. [Nick Nunziata]

Watching Season 6 of Game of Thrones on April 24

As a fan who’s read all of George R.R. Martin’s epic book series, each new season of Game of Thrones so far has been about anticipating how the showrunners will portray on screen the characters and events I’ve read about on the page as well as how they’d change those stories. But for the first time since this show began its run, Season 6 will be the first season when I have no idea what’s coming. Recent trailers have already given fans clues as to what’s in store: Flashbacks that may tell us more about Jon Snow‘s parentage, more about the Ice Walker’s Night’s KingSansa‘s fate after escaping the Boltons at Winterfell, and the answer to whether or not Jon Snow is alive or not. Winter is coming, guys, and I couldn’t be more stoked. [Annette Cardwell]

Watching Green Room on April 29

In this age of nonstop superhero mega-blockbusters, it’s important to remember that there are smaller films out there that can be just as much fun, if not moreso. Case in point: Up-and-coming filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room. It’s is a brilliantly crafted, wickedly fun horror-thriller starring Patrick Stewart as a diabolical club owner who squares off against an unsuspecting but resilient young punk band who are held captive in the club after witnessing an act of violence they weren’t meant to see. Saulnier, who previously directed the critically-acclaimed Blue Ruin, will surely be courted for mega-blockbusters soon (which we’d welcome), so check out his indie films while you can. [Brian Linder]

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