Fandom Reacts to Zelda Secrets from ‘Breath of the Wild’ Creators

Games Nintendo
Games Nintendo

Nintendo has been working on the newest Zelda game for years and years. A lot can change for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in that time. What features got cut? What special concepts didn’t make it? How did classic characters transition during the creation of Breath of the Wild? The developers revealed all that and Fandom absolutely has thoughts on all of the secrets now revealed.

Fandom Games Editors Henry and Bob talk about their big takeaways from it, whether they’d rather have seen a different version, or how some of those ideas might be used in future Zelda games. Take a look, then be sure to read more of our Zelda stuff, including our Breath of the Wild review, where the game is set in the Zelda timeline, and our recipe book for Zelda cooking.

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