Fandom Mashup: Return of the Zombies!

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In Dead Rising 4, the latest entry in the open-world zombie survival series, hero Frank West returns to the scene of the first game to investigate and confront on an all-new zombie menace that has taken over Willamette Memorial Mall during the holiday season. As we’ve been known to do, we started wondering what it would look like if the undead invaded some of the other big films and TV shows this season.

Get ready for Fandom Mashup: Return of the Zombies!

The Arrowverse Crossover


Zombies have been a big deal in comic books for years now, but they can’t hold a candle to superheroes. Caped crusaders like Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl have been righting wrongs in comics for decades, and now they’re some of the most popular characters on network TV. How would they handle a zombie outbreak of their own?

Well, unfortunately for both Flash and Arrow, their skin is all too biteable, so they’d eventually succumb to the zombie horde. Supergirl’s skin is much more durable, though a well-timed Kryptonite attack would weaken it enough that she’d fall as well. Who then would save the Arrowverse?

Just then, the crew from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow arrive in this cursed timeline. The team of heroes has already fought their share of zombies this year, so they’d put those skills to good use against their undead former allies. And who knows? They might even be able to travel back in time to prevent the zombie outbreak in the first place.

[Henry Gilbert, Senior Games Editor]

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


The carnivorous undead don’t seem to get a fair shake in the Wizarding World. We’ve seen them in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince but that’s about all we’ve gotten. They even have a cool name: the Inferi. Why don’t we get to see anyone else turn into a shambling corpse?

If we had our druthers, a zombie would be headlining the newest branch of the Wizarding World, the Fantastic Beasts film series. Heck, the lead character even has a perfect name for the job: Newt Scaremander… Wait, that’s not his name? Well, it’d still be great to see a flesh-hungry magic user trying to hunt down some mythical creatures. Not to take care of them but to give them a not-so-friendly nibble. I wonder what raw erumpent tastes like? Probably chicken. Season it with some freshly ground bowtruckle and it’s probably quite tasty.

[Drew Dietsch, Entertainment Editor]

Assassin’s Creed


Members of the Assassin Order are a deadly bunch. They can get in and out of crowds, silently taking down their prey without anyone knowing they are there. They also routinely take on groups of enemies without so much as breaking a sweat. Yet, they never kill without reason. They fight to protect society from the unseen Templar influence.

The new Assassin’s Creed movie main character, Callum Lynch (played by Michael Fassbender), is no different. Which is why he will have his hands — and his wrist blades — full when he is faced by hordes of the undead. After an Abstergo experiment to “perfect” humanity through DNA manipulation goes wrong, Lynch will need to put all the recent Animus training to good use to ensure humanity survives and he will someday have ancestors who can relive his memories.

[Matthew Allen, Executive Games Editor]

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


You know what demographic doesn’t get enough love? Robot zombies. Everyone loves robots. Everyone loves zombies. They are two great tastes that taste great together! There’s no better universe for a melding of these two than the world of Star Wars.

But, if zombies are cannibals, it would stand to reason that robot zombies would eat other robots. How exactly would droids like Rogue One‘s K-2SO and R2-D2 go about this? They don’t have mouths or even a functioning digestive system. The anatomy of this idea is intriguing enough on its own.

Would a robot zombie apocalypse force (haha) the Empire and the Rebellion to work together? Would the Jedi have to aim their lightsabers for the droids’ heads? Could cyborgs like Lobot be affected by the virus? Would everyone agree that IG-88 would be the coolest robot zombie? If Lucasfilm is looking for their next entry in their anthology series, they can have this one free of charge.

[Drew Dietsch, Entertainment Editor]

Gilmore Girls


Idyllic Stars Hollow is a small town paradise: friendly locals, quiet, no crime nor need for a police force. So what better place for a zombie apocalypse? While news spreads fast in small towns like these, a zombie virus would utterly obliterate the townsfolk even faster. The town troubadour would likely bite the dust mid-song, as mayor Taylor Doose would in defending his ice cream parlour while the town watches on in horror through the window between it and Luke’s Diner.

An undoubted bloodbath, the Gilmore Girls crew may find a hero in the ballsy, no-nonsense Paris. Resting at nothing short of perfection, as she does in all other endeavors in her life, she may be the town’s last hope at survival. The big question is: will Kirk get in the way of Paris’s big plan or bumble his way into being last man standing?

[Colette Smith, Staff Contributor]

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