Fandom Mashup: Just Add Zombies

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies combines two seemingly unrelated things that people love: Jane Austen and zombies. We reimagined some other films, TV shows, and games that could be livened up with an undead twist!

Check out our zombified alternate universes below…

The Bachelor and Zombies


Who will get the rose from our handsome Bachelor Chad? Will it be Stacy from Arizona who’s an aspiring singer? Or maybe it’ll be Chelsea from Texas who’s a yoga instructor. Or perhaps it’s slightly grey-looking Tanya who shambled into the mansion tonight. She looks like she just might hungry enough to walk away with Chad’s heart…or brain…or other vital organ of choice. [Annette Cardwell]

Batman and Zombies


Bruce Wayne lives by a moral code that forswears murder of any kind. But what would he do if Gotham became infested with a zombie horde? How would the Bat take down a zombie version of Superman or Robin? Marvel has its own zombie spin-off; its time to see how the DC universe would react to the undead. [Jorge Albor]

Fuller House and Zombies


The whole gang is back under one roof! Well, everyone except for Michelle, who disappeared one year ago today during a Habitat for Humanity trip in Haiti. The Tanners have gathered with friends and family for a wacky memorial service. Uncle Jesse starts things off by sharing some hilarious Michelle stories. But wait: What’s that low moaning sound coming from outside? Jesse opens the front door and…

Find out for yourself who — or what — is behind the door when Fuller House debuts later this month on Netflix! [Brett Bates]

Grand Theft Auto and Zombies


Vice City. 1980-something. By day, the only concern running through the minds of its citizens is their next turnover time and how they will cut the line tonight at the latest trendy club. At night, however, things start to get a little… strange. You first notice it as you are cruising down Ocean Beach in your VCPD Cheetah, listening to some choice tunes. Suddenly some idiot tourists wander in front of your car, and you have to swerve to avoid them as they ramble on about brains. Then, as you pull up to the Pole Position Club, there appears to be a scuffle, as you see people running screaming from the doors. That’s when you hear Lazlow on the radio breaking down how some strange virus had made its way into the local supply of suntain oil and cocaine, and people all over Vice City were turning into zombies. Time to head to Escobar International Airport and hightail it to Los Santos or Liberty City, pronto. [Matthew Allen]

The Godfather and Zombies


When Michael Corleone returns from military service, he’s brought back into the family business, but something has gone horribly wrong. Tainted olive oil has resulted in the entire family being turned into brain-craving zombies and Michael must maintain the reputation of his family in the world of organized crime as his brother Sonny attempts to feed on the heads of the five families and while his other brother Fredo somehow betrays his own family by making a deal with a rival undead family. Luckily, his Consiglieri Tom Hagen knows everything there is to know about the living dead and together they make both the living and the dead an offer they cannot refuse. [Nick Nunziata]

Mean Girls and Zombies


Everyone knows the Girl World rules: no tank tops two days in a row, ponytails once a week, pink on Wednesday, and jeans or track pants only on Friday. When a new student transfer from Atlanta shows up on a Monday with pink sweatpants, hoop earrings, and a reputation for being a biter, it will be like a really huge deal if she isn’t invited to sit with the mean girls. [Lesley Chen]


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