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Wonder Woman is essentially the queen of the comic book world. As one of the first female superheroes, she helped pave the way for the diverse heroes today. Princess Diana of the Amazons is a force to be reckoned with. This year is Wondy’s year. She celebrates her 75th anniversary (she first appeared in All Star Comics #8 in December of 1941) this year. She was also named an honorary UN Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. While Wonder Woman is currently being portrayed in the DC movieverse by Gal Gadot, she has been voiced in the animated films and television shows for over a decade by Susan Eisenberg. To celebrate Wondy’s big year, Fan Contributor Danielle Ryan had a quick chat with her about all things Justice League, female empowerment, and what it takes to sound like Wonder Woman.

Eisenberg in the recording studio alongside Wonder Woman herself.

Danielle Ryan: How do you feel about Wonder Woman being made a UN ambassador? How do you think this will affect girls across the world?

Susan Eisenberg: I’m overjoyed that she’s been chosen as a UN ambassador! She’s already a beacon of strength and goodness for millions of people all over the world, and now it’s official! I believe little girls need to see themselves in the world so they can aspire to greatness. And by greatness, I mean their own sense of greatness, whether it’s the greatest doctor, scientist, teacher, or super heroine! As long as they can see it, they can be it!

Who is a woman that inspires you and pushes you forward?

My mother inspired me. She had four children and still managed to get her masters degree and have a full and rich career. And this was long before it was “fashionable” to do that. I admire women who are fighting the good fight, whether it’s in politics, non-profits, or literature… Women who are bravely making the world better and safer for others who come after them… Women who teach girls not to be afraid to be themselves, or to be defined by anyone other than who they are! One of the things I love most about Wonder Woman is that she was created as a stand-alone character, not an off-shoot of Batman or Superman. She’s not someone’s niece or sister, she’s a woman in her own right and legitimacy!

What has been your favorite moment to give voice to Wonder Woman?

There are way too many moments to name only one. And the truth is I have loved every minute of voicing her, and I look forward to many more in the future. I loved working on the Justice League because it was my first experience with the character, and as she grew up, I did as well. We kind of matured together, and that was thrilling to me! AND besides the relationship to the other members of the JL, I loved the relationship that Wonder Woman had with Batman. It was fun and flirty, and added another dimension to both of those characters in the series.

Are you happy where the new scriptwriters are taking the character? What can we look forward to?

Well, if you mean the new feature film with Gal Gadot, I’m not privy to the scripts and their characterization of Wonder Woman. But I am thrilled that there will FINALLY be a Wonder Woman film, and I believe Gal and Patty Jenkins, the director, will do her justice! The fans have waited soooooo patiently for this, and it is long past due that WW gets her time
to shine!

What do you do to get your voice to sound so graceful and royal? Is the Wondy voice different from your regular speaking voice?

Haha. Thank you, I didn’t realize it sounded royal! My speaking voice is closer to WW’s, but her voice is a bit deeper in my register than my day-to-day voice. As for the regal part, I just channel my inner princess. And those elocution classes that I took way back when have really helped. Seriously.

How did you prepare to take on the role of Wonder Woman?

Well, I read the script first, and then when I meet with Bruce Timm, the creator of Justice League and Andrea Romano, the voice director, I got their sense of what they wanted the character to sound like and be. It was Bruce’s vision of the character, and it was my job as an actor to realize that vision for him. And hopefully, I brought a few of my own colors to the canvas as well.

What is your experience with Wonder Woman? Prior to becoming her voice actress, did you read the comics or watch the shows?

I didn’t read the comics, but I certainly watched Lynda Carter on TV’s Wonder Woman!

What shows/movies/comics are you a big fan of? Why?

I wasn’t a huge fan of comics growing up. I had three older sisters, so I gravitated toward soap operas like All My Children, General Hospital, and Dark Shadows! And I still love and watch my soaps! But because of my adoration for WW, I do try and stay current with what she’s doing in the comics. Gotta keep my eye on my girl!

Danielle Ryan
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