Fandom Feed: Ben Affleck is Batman No More?!?

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Rumors are flying that Ben Affleck has been meeting with various people at Warner Bros. in an effort to get out of his contract as Batman. WHAT?!? Fandom Entertainment Editors Drew Dietsch and Brian Linder discuss if this is even real, and if it is, what kind of repercussions there could be for the DC Extended Universe.

Is This Even True?

Brian believes that we should take this rumor with a grain of salt. It’s possible that Affleck could be using this as a ploy to renegotiate his contract over at Warner Bros. After the failure of his expensive gangster film, Live by Night, things are a little tense between Affleck and the studio. Could that film’s flop be one of the reasons Affleck is upset with his gig as the Caped Crusader?

Good Riddance, Ben Affleck

Drew thinks this could be good news for the DC Extended Universe because it could mean the end of the DC Extended Universe. If Affleck leaves, his perspective is that the whole experiment will fall apart. Considering that the DC films have been poorly perceived so far, maybe Affleck’s departure would force the whole project to start from scratch.

But maybe that wouldn’t be the case! Fans have accepted recasting before – look at War Machine or the Hulk over at Marvel – and maybe this wouldn’t rub them quite the wrong way. Could Affleck leaving the DC Extended Universe actually reinvigorate things?

We’ll keep our ears open for any more word on this. It might just be BS, but if it isn’t, it means that change is coming to the DC Extended Universe in a big way.

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