Fan Frenzy: ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Movies DC
Movies DC

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continues to smash box office records, reviews of the film so far have been… mixed, to put it mildly. Our own Nick Nunziata offered his take on why Batman v Superman is the most polarizing superhero movie of all time.

While in L.A. for WonderCon this weekend, the Fandom staff wanted to reach out to the people whose opinions matter most: you the fans!

In this Fan Frenzy video, we ask some of the world’s biggest DC fans to speak out and tell us what they thought of the film.

[ooyala video=k2b21lMjE6w7FrFGZlIPv6qL2JBdaZ4Z][/ooyala]

As you can see, even fan opinions are split on this one. Let us know what you thought of the movie @getfandom.

Check out more of our Batman v Superman coverage below:


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