‘Fallout 4: Nuka-World’ Starter Guide: 5 Things To Do First

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Nuka-Worldthe latest major expansion for Fallout 4takes players to the exciting Nuka-World theme park. Once the perfect family vacation spot, Nuka-World has become overrun by deadly creatures and ambitious gangs. Our Nuka-World starter guide details five things to do first once you arrive at the post-apocalyptic theme park. Complete these tasks, and you’ll have some excellent rewards and gear to show for it!

Before you can begin, you need to hit level 30. Once you do, you’ll receive the “All Aboard” quest. Travel to the Nuka-World transit center on the west edge of the map. Once there, take the monorail and you’ll find yourself near the front gates of the park.

Conquer the Different Lands of Nuka-World

The Nuka-World amusement park is overrun by three different gangs all fighting for control. Once the player gets off the monorail, they’ll be forced to run through The Gauntlet. This difficult obstacle course is filled with hazards, traps, and enemies. Once you manage to make it through, you’ll become the Overboss. The first task as the new Overboss involves meeting the three leaders of each gang. The Nuka-World gangs consist of the Disciples, the Operators, and the Pack.

As the Overboss, you must travel to the different themed lands inside Nuka-World — Galactic Zone, Dry Rock Gulch, World of Refreshment, Kiddie Kingdom, and Safari Adventure — and clear them of enemies and threats. Expect some difficult challenges inside each area. Once you clear a land, you must assign it to one of the three gangs. Choose wisely: If you don’t grant a gang enough parks, they may become hostile to you!

Collect the Park Medallions

After the intense Gauntlet, players will find themselves at the iconic front gates of Nuka-World. Take a look around and you’ll come across N.I.R.A., short for Nuka-World Informational Robot Assistant. The talking cola bottle welcomes you to the park on your first visit. After you talk to her, she gives you the “Precious Medals” quest, which asks players to collect special medallions from different areas of the park. By collecting them all, you’ll earn a special prize. The medallion machines are found in these areas:

Find the Hidden Cappy Stamps

There’s a well-kept secret at Nuka-World and Nuka-Cola addict Sierra Petrovita is on a mission to discover it. Once you locate Nuka-Town USA, look for her wandering outside. After she gives you a brief tour of the area, she’ll tell you about a special contest that could lead to the original Nuka-Cola Recipe. You’ll be sent on a scavenger hunt throughout the park, looking for unique Cappy Stickers which hold a secret message. The only way you can read the message is to equip the Cappy Glasses that Sierra gives you. There are 10 stamps total to be found throughout the park. This one was found in the hedge maze near Cappy’s Treehouse in Safari Adventure:

Collect Nuka-Cola Recipes

The Nuka-World DLC introduces some new base Nuka-Cola flavors such as Orange, Grape, and Dark. Collect as many sodas as you can and you’ll be able to mix some special blends using the new Nuka Mixing Stations scattered throughout Nuka-World. These crafting stations allow players to mix different Nuka-Cola flavors to create entirely new drinks. Each unique recipe grants players different benefits, such as stat boosts, radiation removal/resistance, and AP/HP regeneration. Keep a sharp lookout for books located inside the park that give you access to new flavors!

Here are a few recipe locations to get you started:

  • Nuka-Lixir Recipe – Found in Kiddie Kingdom on the top of a terminal near the end of the Fun House.
  • Nuka-Berry Recipe – Backstage of King Cola Theater in Kiddie Kingdom.
  • Nuka-Sunrise Recipe – Found in the employee areas of the Dry Rock Gulch Theater.
  • Nuka-Bombdrop – Found on a food cart in Dry Rock Gulch.
  • Nuka-Void – Found on a counter in the Starlight Theater in Galactic Zone.

Obtain the Nuka Power Armor

Looking for a unique Power Armor set that shows off your love for Nuka-Cola? Look no further! Players can obtain the powerful Nuka TF Power Armor set once you reach the World of Refreshment ride. While walking through the river of Nuka-Cola Quantum, keep an eye out on your right side. You’ll see the Power Armor behind a locked security door. After clearing the ride of Nukalurks and Assaultrons, you’ll discover some employee only areas. Keep an eye out for a terminal with a security door control. Activate the control then return to the beginning of the ride where you spotted the set and the door will be open! The Nuka Power Armor has the strongest Armor type in the game and has no modifications, so be sure to craft mods and improvements for it.

If you follow the advice here, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the king of your own personal magic cola kingdom in no time! Be sure to visit our expansive Fallout wiki for more Fallout 4: Nuka-World information.

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