‘Fallout 4’: Five Deadly ‘Wasteland Workshop’ Creations

Doug Trein
Games Fallout
Games Fallout

Fallout 4’s latest downloadable content pack, “Wasteland Workshop,” gives players the ability to capture deadly creatures to use in creative battle arenas. Around the Internet, there is no shortage of creative players who have used this new ability for their own sinister — yet often amusing — creations.

Whether it’s huge group battles, one-on-one duels, or transforming an area of the map into an over-the-top deathtrap, Fallout 4 players are going above and beyond to get the most out of “Wasteland Workshop.” Check out some of the hilarious results.

Deathclaw Island

The remote area of Spectacle Island has been used as a backdrop for several battle arenas. YouTube user FudgeMuppet used the island to house several types of Deathclaws. After capturing a wide variety, he set them all loose and renamed the island. “Deathclaw Island”. It could be the most dangerous Wasteland area ever created.

An Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object

There are plenty of one-on-one matchups to be entertained by in the latest DLC pack, but what about huge deathmatches? YouTube user BRTGaming began a “Battles” series that features groups of creatures against each other. Finally, we get to answer the age-old question of who would win in a fight: 25 Assaultrons or 50 Gorillas? It’s time to find out.

Sci-Fi Double Feature: Aliens Versus Mutants

Another great Battles matchup features 250 aliens against 10 Super Mutant Suiciders. Somehow seeing 250 aliens in one place makes finding the one UFO in the main campaign a little less special.

Gorillas vs. Assaultrons: Round 2

YouTube user Duck RubaDub takes group battles to the next level. Check out his hilarious video of 300 gorillas facing off against 20 Assaultrons. Let’s just say it brings a whole new meaning to “gorilla warfare.”

Marcy Long Must Die

The hate for Marcy Long runs strong amongst the player base of Fallout 4.  This ungrateful settler in Sanctuary Hills is always in a bad mood (for good reason, given her backstory). No matter how much you upgrade the settlement, or how many people you save, she always comes across as upset and bitter.

In order to get revenge, players have crafted several different one-sided deathmatches involving Marcy. Whether she is dropped into a pit of feral ghouls, or facing off against a Deathclaw, there is no shortage of wicked deathtraps to lure in poor Marcy and deliver her just deserts.

Doug Trein
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