Fall TV: 5 Returning Shows We’re Most Excited to See

Lauren Gallaway

Fear the Walking Dead

September 10 (9/8c AMC)

Fear the Walking Dead will continue to explore the terrifying world that was established in its parent show The Walking Dead. The second half of Season 3, which returns in September, will continue to show the journey from Baja California back to the Unites States. While the threat of Walkers looms large over the survivors, the Clark/Manawa tribe will have a unique challenge to face: the dangerous Otto Family and their home, Broke Jaw Ranch. Strap in because this season is about to get biblical with plagues, pestilences, and oh yeah — more zombies.


September 21 (8/7c FOX)

For the last three seasons, Gotham has been setting up an origin story fit for a hero. While the villains have been the main focus of the series, season four promises to finally — yes finally — reveal the birth of the Dark Knight himself, Batman! The Riddler, the Penguin and Jim Gordon will continue to play a role in the creation of the Bat, but young Bruce Wayne will actually suit up, vigilante style, black mask and all. Hopefully he’ll also get his wings this season.

Hawaii Five-0

September 29 (9/8c CBS)

Meaghan Rath will join the task force in the season premiere.

With the sad news that Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim have left Hawaii Five-0, the show will be taking on some new recruits this season, including Meaghan Rath. Rath’s character, Tani Rey, will be more than ready to join McGarrett and Danny in the season premiere, as they track down not one but two villains. Joey Lawrence guest stars as hacker Aaron Wright who sets notorious arsonist and returning villain, Jason Duclair, loose. This season will also see Danny and McGarret working on Steve’s restaurant — a restaurant which will create a lot of comedic tension between the pair.

Once Upon a Time

October 6 (8/7c ABC)

After a satisfying season six finale, Once Upon a Time is back with a new season and a new-ish show. Henry is all grown up, Hook is in law enforcement, and Regina is a bartender! In the twists of all twists, a new book has been opened, a new curse has been released, and only Henry’s daughter can convince him that it’s all real. The show has also moved from Storybrooke, Maine to a district in Seattle called Hyperion Heights (an easter egg name for Disney fans.) New and returning characters will also take the stage this season, including Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, Hook, Regina, Belle, Alice, Tiana, and more.

The Flash

October 10 (8/7c The CW)

How do you have a show called The Flash without The Flash? You raise up a wickedly talented team to protect Central City and bring Barry back — and that’s exactly what’s going to happen this season. Barry left Iris at the alter, he left Caitlin out in the cold, he left everything behind. Team Flash needs to rescue Barry from the speedforce so he can continue doing what he does best: save his city (and get the girl). This season will also introduce some exciting new characters like The Thinker (Neil Sandilands), Elongated Man (Hartley Sawyer), Breacher (Danny Trejo), and Amunet Black (Katee Sackhoff). Can Team Flash rescue Barry before the villains overrun the city? Find out when the show returns with The CW’s full superhero line up in October.

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