Fall TV: 5 Shows For Comic Book Fans

Lauren Gallaway
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September 21 – (8/7c, FOX)

Comic book fans have been waiting to see a live-action Batman on screen for decades. This year Gotham will give fans their wish. The young Bruce Wayne, who has been coming of age in Gotham City these last few seasons, will finally put on a mask and take to the streets. While he’s not quite the “Batman,” he will be known as a “Dark Knight.” Gotham Season 4 promises to also wade into even deeper comic book waters this Fall TV season, especially as the Penguin, the Riddler, the Scarecrow and other DC Comics villains complete their comic transformations.

The Gifted

October 2 – (9/8c, FOX) New

Comic book fans rejoice! The X-Men are coming to FOX this fall in the form of a new show titled The Gifted. Following a family with newly awakened mutant powers, The Gifted will show audiences a world where X-Men Days of Future Past‘s Sentinel Services won and mutants are hunted. Gone is the Brotherhood of Mutants. In its place has risen a resistance. Thunderbird, Polaris, Eclipse, and Blink lead this mutant underground. Set in an alternative X-Men universe, The Gifted is sure to delight any fan of Marvel this Fall TV season.


October 9 – (8/7c, The CW)

For the last two seasons of Supergirl, Kara Danvers has wrestled with her identity. Is she Kara Danvers, daughter, sister, human? Is she Kara Zor’El, daughter, superhero, alien? This season her struggles will come to the forefront in a classic comic book dilemma: how do you protect the people you love if you’re not one of the them? This is a struggle every superhero must go through and a storyline comic book fans really shouldn’t miss. This season could be the one Kara fully embraces her identity as Supergirl, and we can’t wait.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

October 10 – (9/8c, The CW)

After the Legends defeated the Legion of Doom and destroyed the Spear of Destiny in the Season 2 finale, they returned to 2017. The world was in complete chaos, with different eras in time spilling out into the present. During Season 3, the Legends will have to restore time itself, a task that will take them to Victorian England, old Hollywood, and even Ancient Rome. Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 will also show Amaya that her family has a dark future, one that will catch up to them as they travel further into the future. Fans of the comics will be happy to know that the Legends are sure to run into some classic DC Comics characters, including Gorilla Grodd, Kuasa, Zari AKA Isis, and more.


December 6 – (10/9c, Syfy) New

Happy Syfy Fall TV
'Law & Order: SVU' actor Christopher Meloni stars as Nick Sax in SyFy's 'Happy!'

If you’ve ever read a Grant Morrison graphic novel, you know they can get a little crazy. SyFy’s new series Happy! is no exception. When former police officer turned hitman Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) starts hallucinating, he believes he’s lost it for good. What’s he hallucinating you ask? A flying horse named Happy! Comedian Patton Oswalt (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) voices Happy, who serves as a strange conscious of optimism for Sax. The graphic novel also featured a Christmas-themed villain, so this will be the perfect twisted comic book show to watch around the holidays.

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