F. Gary Gray Brings Lots of Laughs to ‘The Fate of the Furious’


The Fate of the Furious proves that you can’t keep a good dog down. The eighth entry in this blockbuster series promises to be bigger than anything that came before. In order to accomplish that, the series needed a director who could bring something new to the table. Drew Dietsch sat down with director F. Gary Gray to see exactly what it was he wanted to bring to this storied and immensely successful franchise.

“There’s a little more drama than you might expect…”

Gray stepped into the series at a pivotal point in the ongoing story; Dom’s mysterious decision to go rogue and join with the villainous Cipher – played by Charlize Theron – adds a new bit of conflict into the lives of these characters. “I’d like to think that my experience lends itself to dramatic performances,” Gray said modestly. It’s true that the drama in The Fate of the Furious is more amplified than usual, so Gray was a good fit in that department.

Humor, Humor, and More Humor

What Gary really brings to this entry is his incredible sense of humor. The director of FridayThe Italian Job, and Straight Outta Compton was always willing to let the levity reign supreme on set. “I can’t shy away from it. It’s just how life is. When you’re going through something really tough, something funny just happens and you have to laugh.” It’s clear that that atmosphere was welcome on set; Jason Statham visibly cracks up in the movie when Dwayne Johnson shoots him a tough guy one-liner, and it’s those moments that make Gray’s contribution to the series really shine through.

The Fate of the Furious will speed into theaters on April 14.

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