The Most Exciting Moments from the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer in GIFs

Movies Marvel
Movies Marvel

A brand new trailer dropped today for the much anticipated Captain America: Civil War. The latest trailer features as much action as emotional drama, and it might just be my favorite trailer yet. Here are the most exciting moments in GIFs and what they might reveal about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Raft

The Raft - Captain America: Civil War

Marvel fans will recognize the world’s biggest hockey puck as The Raft, a maximum security prison that holds the most dangerous super villains. We’re presuming this a Tony Stark creation. Since we don’t see any villains in the latest trailer, we’re going to assume those cells are meant for Captain America and his merry band.

The Black Panther

Black Panther Gif - Captain America: Civil War

We’ve known for some time the King of Wakanda would make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War, but we haven’t really seen him in action. This leap to capture Bucky is especially exciting because he leaps over the car in large-cat-like fashion. That’s a lovely bit of characterization in his movement and we’re eager to see more.

Iron Man Watch

Iron Man Watch Gadget - Captain America: Civil War

Move over Apple Watch, Tony Stark has our new favorite gadget. This Bond-like gadget presumably lets him, I don’t know, punch really hard? At the very least, we know he can catch a bullet. Look for the Stark Watch coming to a Brookstone near you.

Tube Person

Tube Person - Captain America: Civil War

Alright, I might be seeing things, but is that a tube person to the right there? We know Bucky came out of a similar tube, could the mystery character be the film’s heretofore unseen villain? I’m going to make a prediction now and say Bucky is to blame for all this drama.

Vision Bends the Knee

Scarlet Witch Making Vision Kneel - Captain America: Civil War

Who else but Scarlet Witch could make Vision kneel before her awesome power. I’m a huge Scarlet Witch fan and love that one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe is showing off her terrifying might, even if it is used against a fellow Avenger.

Ant Arrow

Ant Arrow - Captain America: Civil War

This is what I like to call a “wombo combo.” Every time our heroes combine their abilities into some devastating strike, it’s a marvel to behold. I’m assuming that Hawkeye‘s arrow is sending Ant-Man‘s tiny fist into Iron Man’s smug metallic face.


Underoos Spider-Man - Captain America: Civil War

Our first real look at Spider-Man is kind of adorable. My favorite addition to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is the emotive face. They’ve gone the Deadpool route and it should make the mask far more expressive than it’s been in the past. We’re guessing Tony Stark actually built Spidey a custom mask to justify the eye movement. If you listen closely, you can hear the whir of tiny gears moving when he squints!

Want to watch the trailer again? Yea, me too. Check it out below.

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