Ewan McGregor Cast in ‘Fargo’ Season 3

Drew Dietsch

Who needs to go to the movies when you have Fargo? The FX Network drama is one of the best cinematic endeavors of the twenty-first century. The two seasons we’ve been blessed with have given us characters more than worthy of the 1996 film that the show takes inspiration from. Today’s news gives us our first real peek into what creator Noah Hawley has in store for season three.

Ewan McGregor has been cast as Emmit and Ray Stussy, two brothers who will be the focal point of the story in season three. You heard right, we’re getting two performances from the former Obi-Wan. McGregor is one of our secret great actors so his casting makes perfect sense. Fargo has been a spotlight for actors to show the world a different side of their talents, giving us career-best performances from the likes of Billy Bob Thornton and Kirsten Dunst. McGregor is more recognizable to a wide audience for his role in Star Wars than anything else in his career, so I’m thrilled to see him get a chance to surprise us with these characters.

Hawley also confirmed that the new season will not feature any returning characters from the first season. The rumor is that season three will take place in 2010, so it won’t be as steeped in period aesthetics as season two’s 1979 era. Still, never expect anything when it comes to Fargo. It’s one of television’s craziest and most unpredictable shows. That’s one of the reasons it’s so damn good.

Production is scheduled to start later this year with a release in 2017. It’s a shame that we won’t be getting a new season this year, but Fargo is a show worth waiting for. After how bonkers last season got, I have to believe that everyone involved wants to take their time crafting the next chapter in this zany crime anthology. Let them take their time. We’ll be here with eyeballs open when they’re done.

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