Evil Geniuses CEO Announces ‘Hobby’ ‘Dota 2’ Team

Nico Faraguna

Peter “ppd” Dager, the newly appointed CEO of eSports team Evil Geniuses, announced his return to competitive Dota 2. This news comes on the heels of headlines he made in late 2016 when he stepped down from his role as EG’s Dota 2 captain to transition into the CEO position of the now independent company.

His new team, “WanteD”, will consist of a ragtag group spanning across the globe. Some of the most notable members on the team include Korea’s Kim “QO” Seon-yeop and Sweden’s Rasmus “Chessie” Blomdin. It’s a roster full of question marks. No doubt, talent is not one of them.

Returning to Dota

In this video announcement on his youtube page, “ppd” explained his reason for returning to competitive Dota and how it will affect his status as EG CEO. Citing jealously and his own personal competitive nature, ppd talked about how difficult it was for him to attend tournaments as a spectator. However, the Evil Geniuses CEO vehemently states that this will have no effect on his duties as the leader of the company.

Conflict of Interest

While this announcement and endeavor is being labeled as a “hobby team”, fans are skeptical of the decision. While PPD’s intentions of a casual approach to competitive Dota seem reasonable, the possibility of success is real.

Ppd notes that his team will eventually like to qualify for the upcoming Kiev Major and eventually the next International. Hypothetically speaking, the possibility of Evil Geniuses squad being affected are low. However, it’s not something to ignore. North American qualifying slots are not typically plentiful compared to China. Team WanteD could potentially find themselves as a legitimate threat and take away an opportunity from EG. Or perhaps an even more awkward scenario, what if EG loses to WanteD in a tournament?

How salty will EG fans be if WanteD succeeds?

All things considered, I suppose the most dangerous prospect is how fruitful WanteD can become. How will ppd handle being a CEO and player if they are actually good? For drama’s sake, I’m hoping WanteD outperforms their expectations and plays in major tournaments.

It will be an interesting burden for ppd, and I selfishly want to see it become a major storyline for the sole reason that there is no precedent. A CEO starting his own “hobby” team, separate from his business interests, then beats his company’s team to win a championship — awesome.

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