Everything We Saw in the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Trailer

TV Game of Thrones
TV Game of Thrones

HBO has released a brand new, Game of Thrones trailer for Season 6, and it’s chock full of goodness. We’ve gone through the trailer frame by frame to analyze what’s in store for fans this season.

Beware: There be spoilers here! Like many, many spoilers. Turn back now if you’re not caught up on the show or don’t want to know more than has already been revealed.

Where We Left Off

jon snow

The trailer begins where we left off last season, panning over the frozen edifice of The Wall down to the presumably dead body of a bloody Jon Snow. He’s right where he fell after being run through by his own Night’s Watch men.

We see Jaime Lannister returning from Dorne to King’s Landing by boat with the body of his slain daughter, Myrcella. Jaime is shown reuniting with his sister and lover Cersei fresh off her walk of “Shame!” in the streets.

We’re shown a glimpse of the fallout from Stannis‘ battle with the Boltons. His body is likely the flayed man left flaming on the battlefield.

And Melisandre is left doubting her visions in the flames, if not her faith itself.

The Lannisters Always Pay Their Debts

game of thrones season 6 jamie cersei

The new action really begins with Jaime hatching a revenge plan with Cersei, swearing vengeance — it’s not unlike how Catelyn Stark swears revenge against the Lannisters for killing Ned. Thing is, lots of “wrongs” have been done to Cersei in Jaime’s absence, so there’s sure to be a lot of payback to go around.

Dothraki and Dragons

game of thrones season 6 - daenerys

Jorah and Daario are seen riding across the Dothraki Sea, searching for their Khaleesi. We see Dany, seemingly a prisoner among a rival khalasar,  being led into Vaes Dothrak, dropping her ring for Jorah to later find like a trail of breadcrumbs.

GoT Season 6 - Dany

Tyrion, who was left stunned in Mereen by Dany’s disappearance, is exploring the dragons’ prison and possibly releasing one or more of them onto the world. We get a brief glimpse of a dragon’s form against the sky.

The Greyjoys


The Greyjoys are clearly preparing for the Kingsmoot, a ceremony to replace their fallen King Balon. Gathered on the beach, we can make out the white-haired priest Aeron “Damphair” who leads the contest to find a replacement.

We get our first glimpse of Balon’s brother, Euron, clearly without his “Crow’s Eye,” being baptized in the waves by Damphair, and even later on a rainy walkway in what may be a flashback to his assassination of his brother.


The Greyjoy banner is also spotted on ships in battle later in the trailer. We’re hoping this is the Iron Fleet, headed to the Free Cities to return with Daenerys.

The Boltons Are Coming


Sansa is very much still alive after her jump from the walls of Winterfell, although later we see Theon looking surrounded and possibly recaptured by Bolton men. Later in the trailer, Brienne is chopping down men with Bolton helmets. Did she see the two leap from the walls and save them from being recaptured? And is Littlefinger – seen later in a snowy landscape – in pursuit as well?


The Bolton men are seen multiple times throughout the trailer, preparing for battle against the remainder of Stannis’ army and the Wildlings who have rallied to fight. Could this be Stannis Baratheon’s united armies dream come true, but too late?

Trial by Combat

game of thrones - trial by combat

Meanwhile, back at King’s Landing, Cersei faces off with her accuser and now zealot Lancel who looks to be offering her a choice of Trial of Faith or Combat. Backed by the terrifying Robert Strong who looks to truly be the zombified Mountain — she defiantly chooses “violence.” Later, we see Queen Margaery kneeling before the High Sparrow, choosing faith, and Tommen headed to what’s probably his mother’s trial. Do the troops seen outside the sept later on indicate a faceoff post-trial between the Kingsguard and the Sparrow’s faithful?

Cat of the Canals


The young and vicious Arya was last seen blind and screaming in the House of Black and White. She’s still sightless, judging from the flash of her milky eyes. But she’s also seen leaping, parkour-style, as the Cat of the Canals in Braavos, so she’s still our feisty Arya.

Tower of Joy

Game of Thrones - Tower of Joy

The biggest fan-service moments come near the end. First, the long-awaited “flashback” to the Raid on the Tower of Joy. We see a warrior in Targaryen armor, who can only be Lord Gerold Hightower, battling with young Ned Stark and Howland Reed. The tower is taken and a dying Lyanna Stark is found inside. This scene may hold the first revelations about Jon Snow, if fan theories are right. Can’t wait to see this one play out.

Bran and The Night’s King


Then there’s short-haired and manlier Bran, who’s obviously warging, as he’s standing and turning on non-paralyzed legs. As he turns, he’s startled to see the Night’s King, leader of the White Walkers. That look he gives Bran isn’t a friendly one, perhaps implying a clash between Bran and the deadraiser.

The Fate of Jon Snow

At last, Jon Snow, Melisandre and Davos are all holed up in a room at Castle Black with a brazier of fire. Fans of the books know that priests and priestesses of the Lord of Light have been known to resurrect the dead through the “last kiss.” We see direwolf Ghost in the room, who we believe may be hosting the warged spirit of Jon Snow, next to his lifeless body. There’s not much to go on, but it seems Davos may be either fighting off Alliser Thorne’s men (seen ready to charge a door at Castle Black early in the trailer), or turned wights (which would require the Valyrian steel of Jon’s sword Longclaw).

As diehard fans, we’re blown away by how much they revealed in this new trailer. Have theories of your own? Share them with us on Fandom’s Twitter!

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