Everything You Need to Know About ‘Power Rangers’


Remember the Power Rangers? Well, if you don’t, you’re probably looking at this movie with a very befuddled expression on your face. Let Entertainment Editor Drew Dietsch get you up to speed on what all those giant robots and crazy costumes are all about by watching this video! And stay to the end to listen to him do an awful cover of the Power Rangers theme song!

What are the Power Rangers?

So there are these five teenagers – Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Zach – who all live in the quiet town of Angel Grove. One day, they stumble upon some mystical coins and a spaceship where a tiny robot named Alpha 5 and a floating head named Zordon tell them, “Guess what? You peeps are the Power Rangers!” What’s a Power Ranger? They’re a team of super-powered warriors who protect the universe from those who would do it harm.

Like Rita Repulsa, an ancient sorceress who was sealed away by Zordon many ages ago. But she breaks loose and starts wrecking stuff. Rita likes to make monsters for the Rangers to fight, like some disposable henchmen called Putties. Eventually, she sends out a tougher monster to fight the Rangers. When that doesn’t go well, she throws her staff and says, “Make my monster grow!” The monster gets embiggened to Godzilla size and starts wrecking stuff.

That’s when the Rangers use their giant robots called Zords to battle the big baddie. Inevitably, the Zords all fuse together to form the Megazord. There’s some more fighting, the Rangers defeat the monster, and there is much rejoicing.

And there you have the Power Rangers. There are some interesting twists along the way – check out that hunky Green Ranger – but if you wanna see more, go check out Power Rangers in theaters and go to Fandom for more content.

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