Everything You Need to Know About ‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’

Matthew Hadick
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Games Destiny

After a pair of pretty serious leaks, Bungie has officially unveiled their newest addition to the Destiny universe. The company showed off their Rise of Iron expansion during a livestream today with a brand new trailer and details about everything it will add to the Destiny experience. Check out the trailer below:

Rise of Iron represents a sizable expansion of the Destiny universe similar in scale to last year’s The Taken KingIt will retail for $30 when it hits stores and digital marketplaces on Sept. 20th of this year.

Helmets on, Guardian: here’s everything you need to know.

Mutant Fallen


From a narrative standpoint, Rise of Iron will follow guardians as they attempt to rise up and assume their roles as the next generation of the Iron Lords. The Iron Lords were a group of nine legendary Guardians who patrolled the Last City during the epic Battle of Six Fronts prior to the building of the wall. The Guardians will be joined by a “legend from humanity’s Golden Age to defeat a plague of unstoppable evil once and for all.” Many have speculated that the plague in question is a group of mutated Fallen, currently quarantined in  one of the game’s new areas. Bungie also revealed that Rise of Iron’s campaign comes with a ton of brand-new cinematic content.

Brand-New Areas


Bungie has added a trio of new areas to the game. The Plaguelands is a brand-new section of the Cosmodrome infested with the aforementioned mutant Fallen. Players will also be able to explore Felwinter Peak, an area named for one of the Iron Lords – you probably recognize that name from the popular, though eventually nerfed, Felwinter’s Lie legendary shotgun. Lastly, players will finally be able to return to an expanded version of The Wall, the desolate junkyard in Old Russia where everything begins for a new guardian.

PS4 and Xbox One Only


Unfortunately, Rise of Iron will only be available for Xbox One and PS4. In an unprecedented move, Bungie will not be expanding Destiny across all originally supported versions. The graphic above illustrates the new character progression pathways for each console.

Gjallarhorn and New Toys Galore


In addition to a slew of new weapons and armor, including the rad looking Flaming Waraxe pictured above, Bungie will also be updating the Gjallarhorn, which should please its legions of fans. Players can either obtain the rocket launcher by completing a mission, or they can receive a special version by pre-ordering the expansion.

On the subject of items, Bungie also revealed that PlayStation 4 owners will again have timed exclusive access to a few choice pieces of weapons and armor.

Raids, Crucible and More


Bungie briefly touched on the new content for multiplayer-minded players: Rise of Iron will feature a new raid, new patrols, new crucible modes, maps and more. Details to this end will be revealed “at a later date” — I’m guessing we’ll learn a lot more about of Rise of Iron next week at E3.

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