Everything We Know About the Nintendo NX

Sam T

Though it was first announced late 2015, we’ve had almost nothing revealed about the Nintendo NX. However, we have had small (and it can’t be stressed how small) pieces of information about Nintendo’s newest console, and people are gradually putting together what we know. Today, all that information has been gathered into one place.

It won’t be released this year.

While we haven’t gotten much information, the Big N has revealed that they’re planning to release the new console in March 2017. Only time will tell whether or not this will hold true .

It’s going to launch alongside a new Zelda game.

zelda wii u
Announced at E3 2014, the new Zelda title has been pushed back several times from its 2015 release date.

Originally slated for a 2015 release, the brand-new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U was pushed back until 2016, but lately, we’ve been hearing that the new Zelda will also release alongside the NX, akin to how LOZ: Twilight Princess was released simultaneously released for the Gamecube, as well as the Wii.

It won’t be at E3 this year.

Unfortunately for many eager fans, Nintendo has announced that the NX will not be making an appearance at E3 2016, and more information will release this fall instead.

We’ll be getting more third-party support.

One of the Wii U’s biggest drawbacks was the lack of third-party games. Fortunately, we’ve gotten confirmation from EA that they’ll be supporting the NX, and several other indie developers have shared their hopes for the console.

We may not be getting discs.

According to several leaked sales pitches and credible rumors, there are many pieces of information leading to the conclusion that the NX may not even use discs, leading some to speculate the console will either use chips (similar to the DS line) or go all-digital (with download-only e games). There’s also been speculation that the console will instead use cartridges, like the SNES and Nintendo 64.

The controller leaks are fake.

nx fake 1
This is just one of many fake controller designs rumored to be for the NX.

As expected with any new console , there have been several supposed “leaks” around system hardware. All of them, however, are fake.

nx fake 2
The leakers have been very good at covering up their tracks, making full designs for sales pitches.

The perpetrators have really gone out of their way to try and fool us, but they’ve all eventually cracked and admitted the fakes.

It’s not going to be a successor to the Wii U.

To many fans’ relief, the NX will not be made in the vein of the Wii U. It will be an entirely new console, unlike the Wii U, which many people passed off as unoriginal.

Nintendo’s really been keeping the NX under wraps ever since it was announced. With the little parts we’ve pieced together, we can almost get a glimpse of what’s yet to come from Nintendo.

Sam T
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