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Nuka-World is Fallout 4‘s sixth and final DLC. In an official livestream event today, Bethesda developers Mark Grandstaff and Mark Teare took viewers on an expanded tour of Nuka-World‘s opening moments. They showed off the initial questline to get into the park, along with some of the visitable areas that players will discover. Along the way, they also raffled off some cool Nuka-themed prizes as well. Take a look at the archive of the stream below.

We’ll break down the details of what their livestream session showed off, as well as detail what players can expect in this final sendoff of the Fallout 4 universe.

What We Know


The first quest of the Nuka-World expansion is unlocked once players reach Level 30. However, the developers had some trouble with a few enemy groups so expect to be high level to have an easier time.

Nuka-World consists of six major areas: Galactic ZoneDry Rock GulchSafari AdventureWorld of RefreshmentKiddie Kingdom, and Nuka-Town USA. These areas are filled with their own unique attractions and dangers. The theme park also has a bunch of goofy mascots created from Nuka products, such as Bottle, Cappy, and King Kola.

The new enemies in the expansion include Rad-rats, flying ant swarms, and Nukalurks. The developers state that this add-on will predominantly feature Raiders as the major enemy type. But some areas of the park have been overrun with feral ghouls as well. The official reveal trailer also showed off some pretty nasty burrowing worm creatures. There was also a short glimpse of an absolutely terrifying reptilian creature.


Some fun new weapons will be craftable, including an electric shock ping pong paddle, and players will collect a new type of book called Scav! Magazine, which will grant unknown benefits. The achievements of the add-on mention Nuka-Mixes, which suggests unique types of Nuka-Cola that can be crafted.

As with other expansions, players will meet a slew of new characters and take on new quests. Interestingly enough, Sierra Petrovita, the Nuka-Cola addict from Fallout 3, will return in Nuka-World. Quest-wise players can join Raiders and enact camps across the park.

Entering the Park

Once players reach the required level, they will receive a questline entitled “All Aboard.” Players begin by tuning into the Nuka-Cola Family Radio Station. A catchy jingle plays before Cappy and Bottle direct them to the Nuka-Cola Transit Center. The area is found on the western edge of the map near the Lonely Chapel. Once there, players will take the Nuka-Express to the park.

The amusement park is overwhelmed with Raiders, who have transformed the once family-friendly park into an allout deathtrap. Players will have their hands full with Raiders and their reprogrammed creations, such as animatronic aliens.

The Gauntlet

The transit car leads players to a very dangerous welcome, known as The Gauntlet. Here, a voice over a loudspeaker, presumably from a character refered to as RedEye, berates players to survive their constructed death trap. The area spans multiple rooms, filled with dangerous creatures and enemies. Some areas can be bypassed by using the lockpicking skill, giving stealthy players an alternative to fighting.

Some areas were filled to the brim with turrets, others littered with booby traps around every corner. At one point, the player must balance along a thin board path to a locked door. If you’re unlucky enough to fall off, you’ll have a few Legendary Mirelurks to deal with. Only after passing The Gauntlet will players finally get to say hello to Nuka-World.


After the intense gauntlet, players will find themselves at the iconic front gates of Nuka-World! Not far from there, you’ll come across a robot guide named N.I.R.A., short for Nuka-World Informational Robot Assistant. The anthropomorphic cola bottle welcomes you to the park on your first visit. However, after talking to her a bit more, her personality suddenly shifts and she has a psychopathic outburst. Turns out her personality settings have been tampered with. You receive the Quest “Precious Medals” for your trouble.


To conclude the livestream, the developers took us to the frantically fun Nuka-Cade, which features a wide array of arcade games that players can interact with. The games include Skee-Ball, Whack-A-Mole, Basketball, and a Shooting Gallery. All of the arcade games require Nuka-Tokens. Players can purchase Nuka-Tokens at the Arcade using Pre-War Money, or they can find them scattered throughout Nuka-World. The arcade games reward you with Nuka-Tickets afterward. One can only guess at what prizes are redeemable with these tickets!


The developers showed off that players can “Raider-ize” games by breaking their rules to earn higher scores. For example, instead of using the provided Pipe Pistol at the shooting gallery, players can use any gun in their inventory. The developers also loaded basketballs into the Junk Jet to hilarious effect.

Fallout 4: Nuka-World is available Aug. 30 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Be sure to check out our expansive Fallout wiki for full Nuka-World details and everything else you need to know about the Fallout universe.

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