‘Everything’ Coming to PS4

Travis Newton

Ever heard of David O’Reilly? Perhaps not, but if you’re a Fandom reader, then you’ve likely heard of some of the things he’s done.

O’Reilly, an Irish artist, has done animation for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and helped create the hilariously profane video game sequences in Spike Jonze’s Her. He also wrote, directed, produced, and animated an episode of Adventure Time called “A Glitch is a Glitch“.

O’Reilly is also a game developer, and in 2014 he released his first game: Mountain. Co-published by O’Reilly and Double Fine, Mountain is, well… a mountain simulator. There are no controls, the game saves automatically, and over the course of about 50 hours, you watch your mountain grow and change.


The visuals are enchanting, but the project itself is a real head-scratcher. It’s difficult to call it a game, really. It’s more of a bizarre combo of virtual pet rock and Tamagotchi that you can use on Mac, PC, and iOS. Wanna try it out? It’ll cost you a whopping $1.00 (US).

Now, O’Reilly’s unique artistry is coming to the PS4, with Everything. Check out the mysterious and beautiful trailer below.

As this point, you’re probably wondering what the hook is. Well, the hook with Everything is that literally everything on screen is a playable character. According to O’Reilly, that would include things as diverse as “a horse, or a paperclip, or the sun.”

Everything doesn’t yet have a solid release date yet, only a promise that it’ll be done “as soon as we finish it.”

Source: Playstation.Blog

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Travis Newton
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