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SPOILER ALERT: This feature contains major plot details for Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Star Wars is back! After a blockbuster weekend that sent the box office into the stratosphere, moviegoers finally saw what that galaxy far, far away looks like three decades after the events of Return of the Jedi. Considering this is just the first chapter of a new trilogy, fans have a lot of questions about The Force Awakens. So where do they turn when they’re looking for answers? Wikia, of course! We took a deep dive into the Top 5 topics that fans are looking for on Wookieepedia, and uncovered exactly what they want to know.

What happened to Kylo Ren?

Star Wars - Kylo Ren

Fans were stunned after the revelation that Kylo Ren’s true name is Ben, and that he is the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo. Most of all, the shock of seeing Kylo kill Han, one of the most iconic characters in film history, left fans heartbroken. It also left us all wanting to know more. Why did Ben turn to the dark side? How did Supreme Leader Snoke corrupt him, and why is Kylo so fascinated with Darth Vader? Beyond his character traits, fascination about his lightsaber has run rampant ever since the first teaser trailer in 2014, and new reference books are starting to shed light on its ancient and unstable design.

Where did the First Order come from?


Where did the First Order come from, and how did it rise from the ashes of the Galactic Empire? New sources are starting to shed light on its origins, and Wookieepedia is beginning to find those answers. Did you know that the First Order arose in the Unknown Regions, after the last remnants of the Empire disappeared at the end of the Galactic Civil War? But that’s not the only question fans have. Where did Starkiller Base come from? Why does the First Order want to destroy the New Republic and the Resistance? Everybody loves a good villain, so we can’t wait to find out more.

Could Darth Plagueis be the true face of evil?

Darth Plagueis

At first glance, the fact that Darth Plagueis is trending on Wookieepedia seems surprising. Why would a Sith Lord who was only mentioned in Revenge of the Sith suddenly be so popular? For that answer, look no further than Supreme Leader Snoke. One of the longest-running rumors about Snoke’s identity is that he is Darth Plagueis, the Dark Lord of the Sith who trained Darth Sidious and discovered the secrets of immortality. Of course he was a Muun in Star Wars Legends and Snoke had a decidedly un-Muun look, but the new canon could chart a different course. The filmmakers have been quick to quell these rumors, but that hasn’t stopped fan interest in the idea that Palpatine’s mysterious Sith master could have been the true architect of evil all along.

What are the Knights of Ren?

Knights of Ren

Supreme Leader Snoke calls Kylo Ren the master of the Knights of Ren, but who exactly are these knights? We see a brief glimpse of them in Rey’s vision, when we witnessed the massacring of Luke Skywalker’s new generation of Jedi. Where did they come from, why did they follow Kylo, and why did they want to destroy the Jedi? No one knows so far, but fans are clamoring to know more.

Is Rey a Skywalker?


The villains may be what Wikia fans are looking at more than anything else, but who doesn’t love a great hero? A great hero is exactly what we got with Rey, a desert scavenger from Jakku who learns she has a much bigger destiny ahead of her. She’s the new hero of the Star Wars saga, and fans have a lot of questions. Who left her on Jakku? Is she a Jedi?

Perhaps the biggest question of all revolves around the identity of her parents. Fans spent the last year speculating that Rey could be the daughter of Han and Leia. Now that we’ve seen the movie and she’s taken her first steps on the Jedi path, fans have a new question: Is she the daughter of Luke Skywalker, the missing Jedi Master she found in the final epic moments of the film? The answer to that question has yet to be revealed, but, in the meantime, fans are eating up as much information as they can about their favorite new hero.

Looking for even more answers to all of your Star Wars: The Force Awakens questions? Visit our Star Wars hub, where the knowledge of fan experts is at your fingertips!

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