Every Food Truck We Found at E3

We've taken a break from all the good games to photograph out every food truck at E3. Featuring waffles, tacos, and superhero-themed salmon.
Chris Tilly
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You love food trucks. We love food trucks. So while taking a break from covering all the great games at E3, we’ve tracked down every food truck at the convention this week. And photographed them for your viewing pleasure…

1. Tacos!

2. Pretty Self-Explanatory

3. This One Has Salmon Dishes Called ‘Batman’ and ‘Superman’

4. Tropical Truck

5. Middle Feast

6. As Seen on TV’s Shark Tank, Apparently

7. Korean Spice

8. Anime Delights

9. Paradise

10. For Salsa Lovers

11. Waffles!

We’ll also endeavour to eat at every one of these trucks during E3, and will update this article with news of our favourite…

Chris Tilly
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