‘Episode IX’ Might Film in Space

Drew Dietsch
Movies Star Wars
Movies Star Wars

We won’t be seeing Star Wars: Episode IX until 2019, but that’s not stopping director Colin Trevorrow from getting fans excited about the film. At a Sundance panel on the importance of shooting on film, Trevorrow talked about his desire to shoot certain parts of Episode IX in space.

It sounds crazy but it’s a lot more feasible than you think. IMAX has shot in space for documentary purposes, and Christopher Nolan (who was also part of the panel) revealed that he had considered that possibility for Interstellar.

How amazing would a Star Wars film that features actual space footage be? It would add a cool level of authenticity as well as using the most popular intellectual property of all time to get younger viewers interested in exploring our galaxy. If there’s any company on Earth that has the resources to pull this off, it’s Disney.

interstellar space black hole

Anything that gives money to advancing our space program and interplanetary travel should be supported, so here’s hoping that Disney chips in the money for this awesome idea. The marketing value of a “Filmed in Space” tagline alone seems like reason enough to cough up the dough.

Trevorrow says he hasn’t gotten a response to this request, so don’t start peering into your telescopes just yet. We also don’t know what Trevorrow would want to shoot off-planet. Would it just be background plates of actual space? Does he want to film a sequence with the actors in a real spaceship? Will Chewbacca be doing a moonwalk?

We’ll see if Episode IX gets one step closer to that galaxy far, far away when it’s released in 2019. Until then, keep your telescopes trained at the sky. In a few years, you might just catch a glimpse of a film shoot up there.

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