What Fans Need From the End of Adventure Time

TV Animated Series
TV Animated Series

Adventure Time premiered in 2010 and quickly became a favorite of cartoon viewers of all ages. Created by Pendleton Ward, Adventure Time follows the lives of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog in the Land of Ooo. Even with many awards and high ratings, the show will be coming to an end in 2018. The next two years will be a crucial time for the creators of the show to finish up story arcs. Below we will look at some of the main story arcs that will need to be completed in order for Adventure Time to have a successful ending.

Finn’s Origins

One of the charms of Adventure Time is that we get to watch the characters grow as the show progresses. Finn the Human, the main protagonist, was thought to be the last human in the Land of Ooo. This plays a role in Finn’s development because he doesn’t quite fit in. It wasn’t revealed until season 7’s finale that there are more humans.

Finn’s parents are also somewhat of a mystery in the show. In “Escape from the Citadel”, Finn meets his father Martin for the first time. But, Martin has a tendency to lie or “forget things” when telling Finn about his past. So we aren’t really sure about Finn’s past. Another episode shows Joshua and Margaret, Jake’s parents, finding Finn as a baby in the wilderness.

Even though the show has given us that much information, it doesn’t seem satisfying. Who is Finn’s mother, and what happened to her? Where is Finn’s father after the season 6 finale? These details may be not as important to the overall story of Adventure Time, but the writers of the show always seem to surprise us.

Simon (The Ice King) and Betty

Simon Petrikov, The Ice King, was the first antagonist in Adventure Time. In the episode, “I Remember You”, we see how the magic crown turns Simon into The Ice King. Simon found the crown and was using it to protect Marceline from the post-apocalyptic dangers of Ooo. As a consequence, Simon begins to lose his mind and transform into The Ice King.

Betty Grof is Simon’s fiancée and leaves him after he loses his mind. In an attempt to apologize, Simon creates a portal to the past with a help from Finn, Jake, and Marceline. Betty decides to jump through the portal and be with Simon in the future. She then decides to spend her time looking for a way to free Simon of the crowns magic.

In the episode “You Forgot Your Floaties”, Betty receives all of Magic Man’s magic power during a failed experiment. We see Betty once more in a later episode as she makes alterations to Simon’s crown. With this being her last appearance, hopefully, the writers will have something in store for Betty and Simon. Will they ever fix the curse of magic and live happily together? Only time will tell.

The Lich

As the ultimate evil in the Land of Ooo, The Lich is set out to destroy all life. After many attempts to achieve his goal, the Lich was left in the form a harmless baby after a battle with Finn. “Crossover” is the last episode the Lich made an appearance. In this episode, Finn’s grass sword cuts off the Lich’s arm and it falls into a multidimensional portal. This may play a role in the finale of the show if the Lich is able to duplicate himself in an attempt to destroy life.

Other Areas of Interest

A few more things might be touched upon for Adventure Time to have a solid finish. Will we see more of Jake’s children growing up? Will the origins of the Mushroom War be revealed? Lastly, any smaller incomplete story arcs will hopefully meet their resolution.

This two-year deadline may be crucial for Adventure Time to have a satisfying ending. It means the creators have put a lot of thought into the story and know how they want it to end. Too many shows have been ruined by one extra season that was added without thought. Maybe we will even get a movie-length finale for the show. Who knows? No matter how the show ends, Adventure Time has had a great impact on its millions of viewers and will be considered one of the best cartoons of all time.

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