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The Elder Scrolls Online celebrated the launch of the latest update One Tamriel on October 18, 2016. In this update, players will be able to explore the world as never before. Gone are the faction and zone restrictions. One Tamriel will allow players to go anywhere and do anything. Group up with your friends, regardless of where they started, and adventure together. Invite friends who have never played before and join them with your existing characters. Due to the new system, everybody will be on an equal playing field and won’t have to worry about character level gaps.

To celebrate the release, Bethesda has announced the Trip of a Lifetime Giveaway. Winners will be able to choose one of five amazing trips. All include locations that were the inspiration behind many of the sights and sounds of Tamriel. Read on for more details.

About the Game

The Elder Scrolls Online is an online role playing game developed by ZeniMax Online Studio and published by Bethesda Softworks. Originally released in April 2014, it is part of The Elder Scrolls fantasy franchise. The game became free to play in March 2015 and the game was renamed The Elder Scroll Online: Tamriel Unlimited. The game includes multiple starting zones that can be accessed by multiple factions and unique races. Various additional content packs are available via the crown store or through subscription.

One Tamriel brings with it a new open world and several other exciting features. These include new weapon ultimate abilities, itemization updates, new daily pledges, and rewards ,as well as new dungeon updates.

For players who enjoy Halloween themed events, join ESO now for the Witches Festival. This autumn festival is available now in-game and runs through November 1.

About the Competition

To enter the giveaway, eligible entrants will need to go online and play The Elder Scrolls Online anytime between October 5 and December 16. They will then need to go to the official entry page and register. As an alternative, entrants can instead enter by mail by downloading and filling out the official form. Five winners will be selected on or about January 9, 2017. Qualified winners will be able to select one of five exciting vacation packages.

Elsweyr Package

Kenya & Tanzania – Visit national parks, game reserves and conservation areas. See leopards, lions and cheetahs in their natural environment.

Skyrim Package

Switzerland – Brave the icy alpine of the Swiss Alps. This vacation will bring you to one of the most distinguished wine regions in the world.


Black Marsh Package

Peru – Behold the beauty of the Amazon and explore the ancient ruins in the crumbling cities of Machu Picchu and Cusco – the former Inca capital. Enjoy the architecture that was the inspiration behind the Argonians.

Hammerfell Package

Morocco – The inspiration for the desert-dwelling Redguard came from the stunning architecture and ancient mountain villages of this land of sand. Explore the deserts of North Africa filled with ancient lore and cross-cultural traditions.

Summerset Isles Package

New Zealand – Enjoy the real life version of the Summerset Isles. This journey includes exploration of pristine coastlines, rain forests and snowcapped peaks.


For more details and rules, visit the official giveaway page.

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