‘Titanfall 2’ Gets a New Trailer, a Release Date, and a Single Player Campaign

Matthew Hadick

Shortly before their E3 2016 press conference, EA released a new trailer confirming Titanfall 2, the sequel to everyone’s favorite big robot FPS.

The trailer revealed the game’s release date as Oct, 28, 2016.

Titanfall 2 will address the complaints of its predecessor’s lack of single player content by including a fully-fledged single player campaign.


Unlike the last game’s “story” mode – a series of a multiplayer skirmishes with sparse voice-overs – the sequel will spin a more complete yarn that explores the strange and special bond between a pilot and their AI controlled mech. Which sounds, to be honest, a bit like Spike Jonez’s Her, albeit with quite a bit more planetary death and destruction. 

The trailer also briefly uncovered a wide array of features that will be introduced in the game, including a robot adept at kung-fu, a sleek new gatling gun, and reptilian enemies.

We expect to learn more about Titanfall 2 as the show progresses.

Matthew Hadick
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