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Chris Tilly
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You love Dustin. We love Dustin. The world loves Dustin. So with Stranger Things 2 now out, we’ve compiled a list — episode by episode — of his best moments from the season. Ignoring Chapter 7 when, horror of horrors, there was no Dustin!


Chapter 1 — Dragon Defeat

In Season 1, the boys were playing Dungeons and Dragons. In Season 2, it’s Dragon’s Lair, and Dustin absolutely loses it when he’s killed by said dragon, exclaiming, “I hate this overpriced bulls–t. Son-of-a-b–tch.” It gets worse for our hero, as he then realises that all his high-scores have been beaten by a mysterious stranger called MADMAX…

Chapter 2 — “Voila!”

Dustin falls for the aforementioned Max, but his efforts to charm her fail in spectacular fashion in the second episode. First, he’s accused of stalking, then shows her his Ghostbusters trap with a cringe-worthy “Voila!”, before finally being called “presumptuous.” Which Dustin thinks is a good thing.

Chapter 3 — Curiosity Voyage

This episode is called ‘The Pollywog‘ and revolves around Dustin and his hungry new friend, so it’s a big one for the character. Indeed there’s a pretty great scene where he hides the baby Demogorgon under his hat. But our favourite moment happens at the library, where Dustin endeavours to borrow five extra books by claiming: “I’m on a curiosity voyage, and I need my paddles to travel. These books are my paddles.” He then grabs the books and runs, shouting back “I need my paddles!”

Chapter 4 — Dart’s Dinner

There isn’t a lot of Dustin action in the fourth episode, but we do see the bond between him and new pet Dart strengthen thanks to their shared love of nougat.

Chapter 5 — “You ate my cat!”

Dustin spends the fifth episode lying to his mum and being rude to Will’s Dad (“Son-of-a-b–tch. You know you’re really no help at all”). But we also see him in action, donning hockey goalkeeping kit to lure Dart into the garden and then trap him in a bunker, followed by the immortal words: “I’m sorry, but you ate my cat.”

Chapter 6 — Blossoming Bromance

One of the best things about Season 2 is the bromance that blossoms between Dustin and Steve, and it begins here with Steve giving Dustin girl advice, and Dustin moaning, “Not everyone can have your perfect hair!” Truly the start of a beautiful friendship, which FANDOM has explored more fully here.

Chapter 8 — Dustin’s Analogy

Dustin lets the crew down at the start of this episode, his hiding Dart breaking the rule of law and putting the party in jeopardy. But later in proceedings, he connects the Shadow Monster with the Mind Flayer, and figures out they can save Will if they destroy the brain controlling the hive mind. Via analogy, NOT metaphor.

Chapter 9 — Dancing Dustin

Dustin has a BIG part to play in the season finale. He swallows a mouthful of gunk in the Upside Down, bribes Dart to let the party pass, and even comes up with the name ‘Demodogs.’ But his most memorable moments come at the Snow Ball, where he styles his hair like Steve, gets knocked back in heartbreaking fashion, and finally dances with Nancy in a genuinely touching scene that had us getting all misty-eyed. Go, Dustin!

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