Dragon Ball’s First Female Super Saiyan is Proving to Be Very Popular

Samantha Loveridge

It’s been over a decade since Dragon Ball first blasted into our lives, but it turns out there’s still room for the anime series to surprise us. And this year it’s doing that by introducing Dragon Ball‘s first female Super Saiyan and the Dragon Ball fandom is going a little crazy for her.

The female Super Saiyan was actually featured in Dragon Ball Super, towards the end of the anime series 92nd episode. Fans watched in awe as Universe 6 made the rather historic reveal with  Caulifla (although we still think her name sounds like a truncated pronunciation of cauliflower).

In the episode, Cabba takes ladies Caulifla to an isolated training area, with Cabba promising to teach her how to go Super Saiyan. At first, she struggled to nail the transformation, but eventually she does and now fans are totally in love.

Fans have already been sharing their reactions on Twitter – and creating accounts for Caulifla too of course, but hopefully not all for shipping purposes.

Dragon Ball Super has now even got its second female Super Saiyan in the form of Kale. When Caulifla goes Super Saiyan, her underling Kale is watching from behind a rock. In the next episode gets her own chance to train towards the Super Saiyan form. When Dragon Ball Super debuted its ‘Universal Survival’ arc, it did so with a trailer that actually showed Kale going Super Saiyan in a similar way to Broly and she’s now proven that she can do just that.

Dragon Ball Super’s ‘Universal Survival’ saga is available to watch on sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation, and it also airs with English subs on Adult Swim on Saturday nights in the US.

Samantha Loveridge
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