‘Dracula Untold’ May Get Another Chance

Travis Newton

Universal’s Dracula Untold may not have drained the box office dry, but it had Luke Evans. The Welsh actor was an exceptional choice to play the new Dracula, even if the film’s bland action-horror kept him from doing more interesting things with the character. But now that Universal is supposedly using Dracula Untold as the starting point for their new Monsters series, there’s a chance we’ll get to see Evans return as the legendary vampire.

In a recent interview with LRM, Evans said that there have been “talks and conversations” about reprising the role.

“There is talk about it. I just don’t know how it will all manifest itself. I think it will happen and I think they’re just working out how these monsters interact and how they end up in the same realm with each other.”


You might recognize Evans as The Hobbit‘s Bard the Bowman, but Evans made one hell of an impression in High-Rise this year. He was the standout in a cast that featured Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Elizabeth Moss, and more. He’d be a great asset to Universal’s Monster line-up. The next official film in this new cinematic universe is The Mummy. And no, it won’t have anything to do with the Stephen Sommers films starring Brendan Fraser.

Instead, this new approach stars Tom Cruise as some dude who fights a mummy. Who plays that mummy? Sofia Boutella, who you might recognize as Jaylah from Star Trek Beyond. She’s a GREAT choice. You also might be interested to know that Russell Crowe plays Dr. Jekyll in the film. We are rarely lucky to see casting that perfect. We’ll see this new The Mummy in June 2017, but what’s after that? The rumors tell us we might see Javier Bardem in a new Frankenstein movie. He, along with Luke Evans coming back as Dracula, would be quite a sight — just as long as it doesn’t look like Van Helsing.

Travis Newton
Travis Newton is a Fan Contributor at Fandom. He began writing about movies and TV for CHUD.com in 2012, and co-hosts The Drew Reviews Podcast with Fandom Entertainment Editor Drew Dietsch. He’s partial to horror movies, action games, and Irish Breakfast tea.
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