Why ‘Double Dragon II’ Is Worth Revisiting on PS4

Andrew Hawkins

The original Double Dragon II: The Revenge has never quite gotten the love it deserves. In the United States, the classic side-scrolling brawler has seen multiple releases since it first hit arcades back in 1988, but not one edition of the game has come close to bringing the arcade game to home consoles. Now, thanks to Hamster Corporation’s Arcade Archives series, Double Dragon II is available on PlayStation 4, and it’s never been better.

Why Play Double Dragon II: The Revenge?

Originally Double Dragon II was just going to be an extension of the first game, but over time the development team at Technos Japan determined that an entirely new story and set of levels should be put together to make a proper sequel. Brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee return to fight their way through wave after wave of thugs and punks after their friend is killed by a brutal gang leader. The gameplay at times can be very punishing, and occasionally the hit detection and mechanics are aggravating, but it is a fun classic nonetheless. Without the Double Dragon series, we would be without Streets of Rage, Final Fight and many other games built in this style. Double Dragon II is a must play when it comes to beat ’em ups.

What Makes This Release so Great?

Double Dragon II on PS4 looks fantastic. Up until now, the original arcade version of the game has never seen a good home console release. There have been numerous ports released over the years, but other than a decent Steam, iOS, and Android version released as part of a trilogy compilation in 2013, there has not once been an edition of the game that emulates the arcade experience this well. Aside from the occasional bit of lag when four or more enemies are onscreen, this Double Dragon II is the real deal.


What Does the New Version Offer?

On PS4, Double Dragon II boasts the arcade version of the game plus two additional modes. The original game mode features the game straight from the arcades, and one of its main features is unlimited credits. Press the triangle button on your controller, get a credit. While this may seem like this could be considered a cheat, it certainly beats burning through rolls of quarters if you’re not completely familiar with the ins and outs of the game. The “Hi Score” mode lets you play without continuing until you reach Game Over, and then ranks your score against other users on the PlayStation Network. “Caravan Mode” has a similar setup but with a five-minute time limit. Both wind up being great bonus features.

Is It Worth Buying for PlayStation 4?

With the Double Dragon series, you know what you’re going to get. Kids who grew up on the games of the early Nintendo era have no doubt played it at some point, and gamers that have never played the classics have surely played one of the many imitators that exist. Revisiting a treasured classic can be difficult when it winds up being different from how you remember it, but Double Dragon II for PS4 is a fun and challenging game that stands out as one of the best 8-bit action titles of its day. And as an easy download for only $8, Double Dragon II is a great addition to anyone’s PS4 library.

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