Dominators Announced As Villains In CW’s 4-Way Crossover

Graham Host
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Over the past few seasons of the Arrowverse, a crossover episode has become something of a tradition between The Flash and Arrow. With Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow now part of the mix, The CW has planned an epic four-way crossover.

The CW announced via a tweet on their Flash and Supergirl Twitter accounts earlier this evening that the Dominators will be the villains for the duration of this exciting crossover.

Who Are the Dominators?

The Dominators, collectively known as the “Dominion,” are an alien race from the edges of the universe. They are technologically advanced and live in a rigidly hierarchical society. The size of the red circle on their forehead determines their status in society.


They are master geneticists who can manipulate the meta-gene to enhance members of their own caste. The Dominators were the driving force behind the Invasion! crossover event in DC comics.

Is The CW Bringing in Aliens?

With Supergirl merging forces with Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, it appears that aliens are coming one way or another. The CW is already renowned for taking ideas from the comics and sculpting them into original ideas for their various shows. With Supergirl and the DEO joining, an alien invasion could very well be on the books.

How Dangerous Are the Dominators?

The Dominators don’t have much of a successful track record. Their primary win over the forces of Earth were both extremely detrimental and short-lived. One Dominator discovered a way to target the meta-gene — the genetic sequence that gave the vast majority of characters their powers. Although they disabled most of the forces, enough rallied under Martian Manhunter to find the creator and develop a cure.


As well as making an appearance on The CW, the Dominators are rumoured to be returning to DC Comics in the near future. Current indications point to Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz teaming up against the yellow menace.

The Arrowverse will be returning to screens in just a few days. The Flash will take lead Oct. 4 with Arrow the day after, and Supergirl is taking flight on Monday, Oct. 10 and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow arriving Oct. 13. While The CW haven’t released a date for the crossover, traditionally these types of events happen in the fall season.

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