‘Doctor Who’ Series 10 Trailer Reveals Emoji-Bots & Nostalgic Gems

Graham Host
TV Doctor Who
TV Doctor Who

With time ticking away, the BBC has just released another trailer for series 10 of Doctor Who. Once more, we get a few precious glimpses of the upcoming monsters and madness that is the very fabric of the Doctor’s world.

Bigger on the Inside?

New companion Bill breaks away from the mould even further than Victorian Clara did. When the Doctor introduces her to ‘the gateway to everything that ever was’, she avoids the old cliché. To her, the TARDIS is more like a kitchen.

New Locations

As usual, along with a new season comes fantastic new planets to explore. First on the list appears to be some sort of Amazonian Egypt, followed by a pyramid in the middle of a rainforest and then a futuristic city with already-trending emoji-bots. But, at the top of the pack is several shots of Mars, and judging by what we already know, this is Mars when it still had the Ice Warriors living there.

Jumping back to 1814, the Doctor and Bill need to tread carefully so as not to cross paths with the Doctor’s younger self and River Song at the last great Frost fair. And if they do, there’s a band of seemingly primitive warriors ready to capture them.

Old Enemies

Just because she got blasted into a gazillion atoms, Missy isn’t going to be slowing down any time soon. The demented Time Lady is set to return with a retro look and all the insanity we’ve come to know and love. But that’s not all. In addition to seeing a bold as brass Dalek, a water woman forms with a chilling ‘Exterminate’. Rebooting is all the rage, but how will this newest twist play out?

Not to be forgotten, the oldest and most dedicated Whovians might recognise the new/old faces of the Mondasian Cybermen. The BBC has gone all the way back in history and seems set to upgrade the original look for the modern era. With new Ice Warriors and giant lizards to contend with, this season is set to spoil us with some serious sci-fi horror.


Anybody patient enough to go through frame-by-frame will notice that amidst all the other reboots there is a particularly iconic return – Tom Baker’s sonic screwdriver. The tool that solves all problems appears in several scenes, suggesting that it may play a key role it at least one story, if not more. But why is an old model needed when the Doctor has a shiny new version?

david suchet doctor who landlord poirot

Who better to unravel such a mystery than British actor David Suchet, famous for his portrayal of Agatha Christie detective Hercule Poirot? Suchet is set to play ‘The Landlord’ but fans are already speculating that he the character is actually more of a Time Lord. With vast swathes of inspiration being drawn from older content, it seems that Capaldi and Moffat are going out with the best of the entire franchise at their sides.

Doctor Who and all his monsters return to TV screens on April 15.

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