‘Doctor Strange’ Gets a Poster and a Trailer at Comic Con

Nick Nunziata
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Movies Comic-Con Marvel

The Marvel panel is well underway and while a lot of the footage they’re showing won’t make it onto the web for quite some time, Doctor Strange has entered the building in a big way. A fun new trailer and a beautiful and colorful poster have arrived. Though the New York Comic-Con will occur before the film’s release, this is the last big push for it. As it’s the Marvel project closest to release the material everything is as polished and ready for the world as can be.

The best moments from the trailer, aside from the crazy Inception-esque city bending, are personality driven. Mads Mikkelsen looks terrific and the wifi password joke kills. Benedict Cumberbatch looks to be a great Stephen Strange but as it’s an origin story it appears the levity is going to come from the rest of the cast. Chiwetel Ejiofor gets the best line but it’s Tilda Swinton who may be the film’s secret weapon. Regardless, the movie looks terrific and with a distinct identity. That’s an important trait as some viewers experience fatigue from the many different hero stories being told.


Whether or not Doctor Strange becomes the Marvel film geared towards intellectuals remains to be seen. This trailer promises a sophisticated and mind-bending movie, and if Scott Derrickson and his team can pull that off and remain a fun time at the movies, Marvel will be really setting the stage for a wonderful new era.

Nick Nunziata
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