‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 Trailer Breakdown

Graham Host
TV Doctor Who
TV Doctor Who

After a year away from space, time and our television sets, the Doctor is set to return. A new trailer for Season 10 has just been released through official Doctor Who channels. Told from the point-of-view of Bill — the newest companion to the eccentric Time Lord — it teases what we can expect.

The Doctor is regarded by the people of Earth – and many planets besides – as a hero and savior figure. But there are those – like the otherwise indomitable Daleks – who hate and fear him. From her voice-over view, Bill notes that the Doctor is different from most people.

Meeting The Most Dangerous Man In The Universe

“The first time you meet him, he’s funny. The second time he’s amazing. The third time, you realise he’s the most dangerous man in the universe.”

Could it be that, like Amelia Pond and Donna Noble before her, Bill is set to meet the heroic runaway in multiple times during their first episode (“A Star In Her Eye”)? Or is she simply referring to chance encounters at the university where the Doctor has been spotted hiding in earlier trailers?

The Doctor’s Back in the Library

Whovians across time and space will remember the heartbreak that was River Song’s first (and, thanks to time travel, technically last) appearance in “The Library“. And once more, the Doctor is walking through a center of learning as books around the shelves start exploding.

As he’s flanked on one side by the returning Nardole (Matt Lucas) this seems like a taster that reflects the first episode of Season 10.

Foes Old and New Make Their Return

The writing is on the wall? Pah, the Doctor has an entire arsenal of alien monsters on his. Eagle-eyed viewers (and those who went frame-by-frame) will probably recognize a few familiar faces in the mist. Daleks and Cybermen take top-center and top-left. One of the new emoji monsters can also be seen on the left.

Pertwee lovers will notice what appear to be Axons on the right and fans of all ages will note the Ice Warrior near the bottom. Slightly off from the center is one of the Sycorax, from all the way back to Tennant’s unveiling in the first Christmas Special.

A new version of the Ice Warriors was recently announced and they are remarkably similar to the face we see at the close…

Doctor Who and his TARDIS return April 15.

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