What to Do Once You Hit Level 30 in ‘The Division’

Hello there, fellow agents! How has apocalyptic New York been treating you? Have a favorite Safe House to stay cozy in?

While some of you might still be exploring the massive map, others might be nearing the level cap. As of now, agents can reach a max level of 30 and a Dark Zone level of 99. Normal players probably won’t be acquiring that accolade for awhile. However, once you do reach The Division’s endgame, you may be left asking yourself “Now what?” Here are some options for what to do after you “beat” Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Collect Phoenix Credits

Perhaps the best long-term plan for ensuring relevancy when the wave of post-launch content hits is to farm Phoenix Credits. Having a stockpile of Phoenix Credits for current and future purchases from the vendor at your Base of Operations is a smart investment. Ubisoft already nerfed the amount of Phoenix Credits earned from defeating NPCs, so now that they are more scarce they are even more valuable.

Of course I can’t predict that future items/DLC will benefit from large bank accounts of Phoenix Credits, but I think it’s a fair assumption. Regardless, having an abundance of this currency can yield you better gear if you’re currently in need.

Re-Roll Equipment

Are you trying to make the perfect loadout to go along with your character’s perks and talents? Re-rolling might not be the most cost-efficient way to specify your gear’s attributes, but it can certainly get you closer to that perfect character.

You’ll need to have bought a Recalibration Station from the Tech Wing in your Base of Operations to do this. While the re-rolling feature seems a bit limited, it’s definitely something to consider when you pick up some amazing gear that doesn’t quite fit your overall spec.

Go Rogue

This might be an unpopular option, as the penalty for dying while rogue is a bit rough. Losing a bunch of your Dark Zone experience is no fun, but if you can get over this inconvenience, going rogue is one of the most fun aspects of the game. Not only is it fun, but if done correctly, it can be very rewarding and earn you a ton of unique Dark Zone loot. If that doesn’t convince you, perhaps this school of thought will — going rogue is easily the best way to get better at the game. Instead of dealing with NPCs, you’ll have to

If that doesn’t convince you, perhaps this will: Going rogue is easily the best way to get better at the game. Instead of dealing with NPCs, you’ll have to outsmart and outplay other human-controlled characters while being hunted.

Find the Perfect Loot

Some of us might have found some really good loot recently, but end up not liking it. While the gear might be statistically better than your current gear, some people — myself included — are more comfortable with certain guns over others. Why settle for something that might be OP but isn’t enjoyable? Take the time to grind out some missions in hopes of finding a new favorite weapon, or maybe you’ll get lucky and craft it — another reason to stockpile credits and materials.

Mod the Perfect Gear

To put the finishing touches on your dream loadout, you’ll need to have the ideal mods. Enhancing your weaponry to your liking and boosting its performance will take some time. Finding the correct mods that best compliment your equipment will be a challenge, but will be worth it, as mods can make or break a loadout.

In addition to finding gear that has the proper number of mod slots, find mods that compliment your character’s strengths. Take the time to craft mods that fit your playstyle and loadout accordingly. It’s the last piece of the puzzle in trying to make your character nearly perfect.

While there has been some criticism of the current endgame in The Division, Ubisoft seems to be making an effort to update the game regularly and ensure that it doesn’t become stale. Maybe we’ll even get some more things to do in the coming days or weeks to occupy more of our time. In the meantime, the above activities should keep you busy.



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