‘The Division’ Receives New DLC Details, Trailers

Ubisoft’s third-person shooter MMO, Tom Clancy’s The Division, received a slew of new downloadable content details during the Ubisoft Press Conference. Players can expect three major expansions on the horizon: Underground, Survival, and Last Stand.

The game’s first major expansion, entitled Underground, will be released on Xbox One and Windows PC on June 28, 2016 with a PlayStation 4 release coming Aug. 2, 2016. In this expansion, agents will chase the threats of New York City into the claustrophobic underground. Expect to lose your way in the endless maze of tunnels and subways. Players can team up with three other agents to explore randomly generated dungeons full of new enemies.

A teaser trailer for the game’s second major expansion, entitled Survival, was also shown. In Survival, winter has hit Manhattan hard, and the agents of the Strategic Homeland Division are running low on supplies. The harsh weather has lowered morale substation ally, and the scarcity of supplies intensifies the conflict between the city’s various factions. Players will need to band together if they wish to survive in this cold new reality. Survival is scheduled to release Summer 2016.

The Division's final expansion, entitled Last Stand, will be released in Winter 2016.

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