Watch the New Magic Kingdom Show That Will Make Your Disney-Loving Heart Explode

Brian Linder
Movies Disney
Movies Disney

If you’re a Disney lover, you probably know all about the fantastic nighttime shows that are staged each evening at Disney Parks. You may even have a cherished memory of a favorite fireworks show you watched at the end of a day of theme park fun. If you’ve been to the Magic Kingdom in recent years that show may have been “Wishes,” which has run there since 2003. But now “Wishes” has been replaced with “Happily Ever After,” an epic next-level show that combines music, fireworks, lasers, pyrotechnics, and state-of-the-art projection mapping technology.

Happily Ever After is a breathtaking Disney highlight reel projected right onto Cinderella’s castle.

The 18-minute show brings to life the heart, heroism, and fun of modern Disney favorites like The Little Mermaid, Frozen, The Lion King, Moana, Aladdin and more.

The show begins with Princess Tiana (The Princess and the Frog), followed by the introduction of Ariel as the score of The Little Mermaid plays. Quasimodo rounds out the opening sequence with a big moment as the castle is transformed into the bell tower of Notre Dame cathedral.

We’re then transported to the Pixar realm as Merida fires an arrow into the sky, brilliantly timed with a firework effect. All that’s washed away by the waterfall scene from Cars, followed by a crowd-pleasing moment as the house from Up is carried away by hundreds of brightly colored balloons.

Don’t blink or you could miss a special moment with dozens of fan-favorite Disney characters.

“Happily Ever After” goes on to feature crowd-pleasing moments with Moana, Timon and Pumbaa, Woody and Buzz, Baloo, Wreck-It Ralph, Baymax, Mike and Sulley, Eugene and Rapunzel, along with countless others.

The villains even get in on the act with Ursula, Scar, and Maleficent take the castle by storm as it disappears in smoke and flames. Moments later it’s Mufasa who appears to implore the crowd to “remember,” and hope is reborn to sound of the triumphant “Go the Distance” from Hercules.

Happily Ever After has more lasers, lights, and projections than any other fireworks spectacular in the history of Magic Kingdom park.

Throughout “Happily Ever After,” you’ll witness the many transformations of Cinderella Castle as it becomes a part of the story — there’s even a moment where the castle itself sings. It’s all brought to life using more fireworks than any Magic Kingdom show ever. That’s not to mention spectacular rooftop pyrotechnics, state-of-the-art projections, lasers, immersive lighting, and a fantastic score featuring contemporary versions of popular Disney songs.

“Happily Ever After” runs nightly at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. You can check the Disney World website for daily showtimes.

Brian Linder
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