Destiny Lore: Everything You Need to Know

Alex Eriksen

Destiny 2‘s much-improved approach to storytelling makes it a great entry point for new players. The campaign quickly sets the stakes: Villain Ghaul comes to Earth, destroys Earth’s last city, and saps the Light from the giant hovering globe known as The Traveler — leaving the Guardians of Earth without their powers. Your job is to retain your abilities, take down Ghaul, and save humanity.

But hold up: Where did Ghaul come from? What exactly is The Traveler, and what is the Light it bequeathed to humanity? Destiny’s lore is incredibly deep and rewarding if you choose to engage with it. The video above acts as the perfect primer for learning more about the world of Destiny¬†and will make you see your Destiny 2 playthrough in an entirely new light. (Pun fully intended.)

Alex Eriksen
Alex is a reporter and content programmer at Fandom. He's pretty into Destiny. Okay, really into Destiny.
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