‘Destiny 2’ Season Pass – First Details Emerge on Expansions

Henry Gilbert
Games Destiny
Games Destiny

After waiting years for details, we’ve got all the Destiny 2 news we can handle. We know the general story, we got to meet Cayde-6, and we even found out the Destiny 2 release date. Among the reveals of the release were the first details on the Destiny 2 season pass or the Expansion Pass as Bungie is calling it. Based on the logos in the teaser image, we’ve got some idea about which Destiny characters might be central to the first two expansions.

First, here’s the box art for the Destiny 2 season pass.

Destiny 2 Season

There are two expansions that are part of the pass, and there are two insignias there. On the left is an eye against yellow, the banner of Osiris. To its right is the insignia of the Warmind AI, Rasputin. Could those first Destiny 2 expansions be focusing on Osiris and Rasputin?

For those who don’t know, Osiris is a legendary warrior within the world Destiny. Though the Egyptian-influenced hero hasn’t appeared in a mission before, the exiled Warlock has many followers, including those running the Trials of Osiris challenges. Could this Destiny 2 expansion be more trials, or will the infamous Osiris make an appearance?

Meanwhile, Rasputin is the only complex AI left over from before The Darkness arrived, so it’s something of a big deal. Rasputin has been the focus of previous story missions like Siege of the Warmind, so perhaps this expansion will give Rasputin some more screentime. Though based on hints some caught in the first trailer, Rasputin might not be as friendly or complete as it used to to be.

That’s all we have to go on for those story missions at the moment. No word yet on the release window for those expansions included in the Destiny 2 season pass. The first expansion to Destiny, The Dark Below, arrived on December 9, three months after the launch of the main game. Perhaps Bungie will repeat that timeframe with the expansion’s roll out, especially since the game itself is launching in early September, just as the first Destiny did. We’ll keep you updated.

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