‘Destiny 2’ Release Date September 8, Finally Coming to PC

Henry Gilbert
Games Destiny
Games Destiny

Did you see, did you see?!? Destiny 2 has officially been revealed, and it’s looking like there’s much more humor and personality than in the first game. Destiny 2 is changing up things in multiple ways for the series, including Destiny making the franchise’s debut on PC. But it’s also sticking to tradition with similar launch timing, as the Destiny 2 release date is September 8 worldwide. Take a look at the first real trailer below.

Destiny 2 Release Date: September 8

Just as with the first DestinyDestiny 2 is starting the fall gaming deluge with a bang by coming out at the start of September. In fact, the release date is almost three years to the day after the first game came out on 9/9/2014.

That timing isn’t a huge surprise as it allows Activision to focus primarily on Destiny 2 for months while still giving (presumably) the annual Call of Duty game a November release date. Smart planning there, as well as on Destiny 2 finally getting a PC version.

After dumping last-gen consoles like PS3 and 360, now the series can not only get a possible tech upgrade, but Destiny 2 can also open things up for a whole new audience on PC. All the fans who hoped for a PC port of the first entry are left out, but hey, at least now they can get a fresh start with the other new players.

We’ll Know More May 18

Today’s news on release date and platforms also came with confirmation of what we already knew about Destiny 2. Namely that there’s going to be something of a reset for the game’s storyline and character build, so don’t get too attached to your current loot. Also, if you pre-order on any of the platforms, you’ll get beta access at some currently unknown time.

Cinematic trailers like this one are all well and good, but it’s not the same as seeing what Destiny 2 will actually look like. Unfortunately, you’ll be waiting a number of weeks, because the gameplay reveal won’t be until May 18.

How much better will it look than the first game? What will be tweaked in the gameplay? And what’s the deal with Gaul and Cayde-6? Here’s hoping we’ll find out more ahead of the September 8 release date.

Henry Gilbert
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