Destiny 2 Release Date Leaked in Promotional Poster

Samantha Loveridge
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Games Destiny

Ahead of any official announcement from Activision, we may have gained a whole lot of information about Destiny 2. The game is due out later this year, but it seems a leaked promotional poster has given away the Destiny 2 release date.

A new Destiny 2 poster has appeared online apparently originating from a GameStop store in Italy. It claims the game will launch September 8 – at least in Europe – and there will be some kind of PlayStation partnership, as suggested by the branding near the top right-hand corner.

We’re incredibly excited if this is a real retail poster because that may well mean an official announcement will come soon.

Destiny 2 poster leak
The leaked poster seems to suggest a September release date for Destiny 2

That release date and the PlayStation partnership mimics exactly what we saw for the original Destiny release back in 2014. It actually released on September 9, 2014 with a special PlayStation partnership giving PS4 gamers early access to the game, its beta and DLC. September 8 is also a Friday, which is the traditional game launch day in Europe.

According to that poster, there should be a beta beforehand, which is definitely a given for a multiplayer-focused game like Destiny always has been.

Another interesting thing to notice in this poster is that the trio of characters are all unmasked and have human faces. In the original Destiny and its subsequent expansion packs, your character is nearly always helmeted, hiding that beautiful alien face you spent hours creating. Maybe this won’t be the case in Destiny 2?

They’re also all human characters, which is strange for a series that’s all about aliens. But perhaps this is a move to make the game a little bit more relatable.

Destiny 2 poster leak
The full Destiny 2 poster leak looks something like this

Although Activision hasn’t officially announced Destiny 2, the publisher has confirmed several times that it will be released sometime this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Back in 2016, job listings at developer Bungie suggested that Destiny 2 would feature regular, smaller scale updates rather than the major DLC pack releases of the original game (see The Dark Below, House of Wolves and The Taken King).

We have reached out to Activision for comment, but not had a reply at the time of writing.

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