Play ‘Destiny 2’ With Us!

Jack DeVries

Destiny 2 launches today and we’re so psyched. Starting at 10:30 am PT we’re jumping into the campaign from the very beginning and running through as much as we can today. Check the stream below, and if you want to join in, shout in the Twitch chat and we’ll get you in on our crew!

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Catching you Up on Destiny 2

The opening moments of Destiny 2 show Ghaul and his Red Legion army laying waste to The City, humanity’s last thriving stronghold. But Ghaul’s not just an egomaniac trying to blow up the Earth, he’s got a vendetta. Rejected by The Traveler, who bestowed you with your powers and mission, Ghaul has a different vision for what guardians should be, and it involves obliterating The Tower.

Where The Hell Are My Guns & Powers?

Bungie has already stated that Destiny 2 will be a “fresh start” for all players, and that comes in the form of Ghaul’s fiery decimation of The City. This is a villain who can actually take away The Light’s power and remove your awesome super powers, effectively putting every player back at Level 1, and without their exotic weapons.

So What’s New?

Bungie revealed a TON of new content for Destiny 2. As fans will attest, the gameplay in Destiny was tight, it just needed, well, more. And more is what Bungie is offering.

New Planets

In addition to a new colony on Earth, Guardians will travel to three additional planets and moons in our solar system. There’s Titan, a methane ocean covered moon of Saturn. Nessus, a red vegetation filled Vex stronghold. And Io, a sacred location for Warlocks and one of Saturn’s moons. Learn more about the new planets and the story of Destiny 2.

New Super Moves

Supers are some of the most fun aspects of Destiny, and the three classes of Guardians come with brand new moves to master. Warlocks can unleash Dawnblade and take to their air on fiery wings, hurling Phoenix projectiles at enemies. The Titan‘s Sentinel super summons an energy shield that you can throw around like Captain America. And Hunters become Arcstrider, wielding an mystical, electric charged staff for quick deadly melee.

New Game Modes

Every mode you loved in the first Destiny returns for Destiny 2, with some exciting improvements. There is, of course, the Red War campaign mode, as well as cooperative Strike missions. Bungie also revealed improvements to the PvP mode the Crucible, like having all modes be 4v4.

Brand new for Destiny 2 is a mode called Countdown, which is an attack/defend situation that rounds out the multiplayer game modes.

For the loot collectors, Lost Sectors allow you to explore cool dungeons and fight bosses to earn amazing treasures.

And best of all, these game modes are accessible from anywhere, on any planet. Bungie has thankfully removed the need to go to orbit to choose game modes (THANK YOU!).

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