Depeche Mode’s New Music Video Is the Revolutionary Rock Song We Need

Andrew Hawkins

Depeche Mode is back in a big way. The new wave ’80s rockers are about to unleash their next album. Fans of the band got to hear their newest single last week, and now we have an official video for the track from visionary director Anton Corbijn. Where’s the Revolution is here and it’s a call to arms.

Karl Marx, the industrial revolution and Schindler’s List are the last things most fans think about when it comes to Depeche Mode. The musical geniuses behind Violator and People are People are calling out to their fans. The symbolism and imagery in this video are not subtle in any way, but at least it’s not hamfisted and unnecessary. This is a simple wake-up call for us all.

The song is clearly a reflection of current world politics. Depeche Mode are no strangers to stirring the cultural pot, and anybody who knows their classic songs Personal Jesus and Enjoy the Silence are aware of their angle. This is a band that doesn’t mince words or hold back opinions. Here are some reactions to the new single reflecting just that.

Where’s the Revolution is an anthem for the people. The lyrics are very straightforward and talk about how we are being lied to and abused. Lead singer Dave Gahan has always been political and outspoken and political, and this is just another example of him trying to change the world through his music. We’d be smart to listen and receive the message.

The band has yet to announce any plans to tour the United States this year, but their new album will be dropping very soon. Spirit comes out this March 17 and right afterwards the group will launch a series of live shows in Europe all summer. This is all great news for 80s rock fans. The Depeche Mode revolution is back.

Andrew Hawkins
Andrew Hawkins is a fan contributor at Fandom. He has been on the fan media scene since 2011. Arriving at Fandom by way of CHUD, and Trouble.City; Andrew loves Sci-Fi Horror movies and supervillains. His dislikes include weak plotlines and sky lasers.
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