Deande and Ghalt Join 2K’s ‘Battleborn’

Matthew Hadick

On May 3rd, gamers will be able to get their hands on 2K and Gearbox Software’s Battleborn, their upcoming class-based shooter with a heavy MOBA-influence. Today, 2K has announced a pair of new characters that will be joining the fight to save Solus, the last star in the galaxy: Ghalt, a dual shotgun-wielding tank, and Deande, an agile spymaster.

Ghalt uses a pair of of M8-R Revolver Shotguns. They’re quick-loading and have a whopping eight rounds in each clip, allowing players to rain bullets on enemies with having to take long breaks. Players can also stagger their reloads for an endless stream of fire. This is a character that doesn’t like to stop shooting for anyone or anything.

That said, players aren’t going to hit anything with those shotguns if they’re not in range. Which is why Ghalt also uses an energy hook that grapples enemies from afar and yanks them towards him. He also uses “Scraptraps” — deployable traps that stun enemies. Ghalt seems to move slowly compared to the rest of the characters, so succeeding as him will require taking full advantage of his proximity-winning abilities. Check out the character highlight video below for more this dual-wielding bruiser:

Deande is a spymaster for the Jennerit Empire, fast on her feet and most effective at close range. She wields a pair of Tessarium War Fans, melee weapons capable of high effective combos. She can also deploy a hologram of herself as a decoy to fool enemies and escape from combat to heal.

Most notable is Deande’s Burst Dash, an abrupt speed boost that allows her to sprint directly into the action to devastate enemies with melee combos. The burst will also stun enemies, weakening them and turning them into easy targets. Coupling this with her ultimate ability — Blink Storm, a series of lightning fast strikes that stun and do damage to up to five enemies — Burst Dash is a recipe for success. Check out her character highlight video below:

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