Deadpool’s Greatest Moments

Graham Host
Comics Marvel
Comics Marvel

We’ve probably all seen the masterpiece that is Deadpool. The Merc With A Mouth, Deadpool is the guy Marvel created when somebody realised that everything ran far too smoothly in their universe. Enter Wade Wilson, ready and willing to do whatever shenanigans he feels like and thinks the fourth wall is just there to be broken. If we’re all honest with ourselves for a moment, he’s the character we would all end up as if we found ourselves trapped in the pages of comic books. He’s actually a parody of DC’s Slade Wilson, down to the patches on his eyes, the swords on his back and the guns on his thighs. That said, let’s take a look at some of his finer points that are unique to the mad mercenary.

The Underrated Common Sense

His… Unique Brand of Therapy

Deadpool & Duckpool

Witty Banter

The Big Guns

The Deadpool Corps

Secret Secret Identity

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Maybe Deadpool may not be the nicest character ever but he’s got what counts: some big guns and superpowers. He’s slipped through more teams than Batman and faced down more foes than Cap. Wade Wilson is something of a WolverineDeathstroke mix but Wolverine bit the dust and Slade lost to a bunch of kids (repeatedly) and Deadpool is still going strong. People admire Captain America and Tony Stark for fighting the good fight and putting people behind bars but Wade is the one who puts people out of trouble for good. Probably not something to be especially proud of, he’s also not a stickler for polite manners. As a member of the Avengers, Deadpool is one of the few people who Jarvis doesn’t refer to as ‘Sir’.

Graham Host
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