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Drew Dietsch
Movies Marvel
Movies Marvel

Public service announcements are often unaware of how silly they can be. They are a wellspring of unintentional humor, so seeing that the Deadpool marketing team has taken advantage of PSAs with a wink and a nudge to their audience is another big win for the Merc with a Mouth. Check out the silly but serious message about testicular cancer below.

It’s impossible not to love how deeply Ryan Reynolds has thrown himself into the Deadpool persona. He’s been doing tons of advertising for the film and you can tell this is a true passion project for the guy. He’s also obviously dedicated to bringing fans the Deadpool they know and love: irreverent, juvenile, and downright lovable in a rapscallion sort of way.

Has all this marketing done Deadpool a lot of good? It seems so. The box office projections for opening weekend are looking great, and the early buzz has been overwhelmingly positive. The folks at Fox marketing have been doing an award-worthy job selling this film. You can feel there’s a clear confidence in the character and his specific brand of humor. It’s refreshing to see that in an age where most superhero movies are sold mostly on their spectacle.

We here at Fandom are definitely rooting for Wade Wilson. If Deadpool is as successful as it looks to be, a lot of positive repercussions could occur. The whole landscape of superhero cinema could change, and we may even get a Deadpool 2 that brings one of Deadpool’s bestest buddies to the big screen.

Deadpool will be here before you know it. The film releases on February 12, making it a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day. You may also want to take some time that weekend to give your smooth criminals a little check.

Head over to the Marvel Database to brush up on all your Deadpool knowledge!

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