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Drew Dietsch
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DC Comics has had to face up to the fact that they are running to catch up to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Well, this year at San Diego Comic-Con, it was DC’s time to shine. And shine they did. They brought a presentation that wasn’t just a new Justice League trailer, but a showcase of what’s in store for years to come.

Just look at this banner of 3D character renders. There are so many iconic comic characters represented!

dc comics comic-con characters

This seems to confirm such projects as Justice League Dark, Batgirl, Suicide Squad 2, Green Lantern Corps, and even Flashpoint are happening.

But that wasn’t all. The panel started with Jason Momoa running through the crowd and giving high-fives. He even brought along Aquaman’s signature trident.

And then we saw our first official look at Aquaman.

DAMN. The footage started with two fishermen who think they’ve got a bite on their line. But we see that it’s something much bigger. The camera goes underwater and we see an armada of ships. And even cooler, armored warriors riding sharks. As a big shark fan, this made me swoon just a tad. The camera cuts to Aquaman saying, “You don’t want to maybe talk this over?” He smiles. “Yeah, me neither.” and the crowd went bonkers.

The Justice League Come Together

Then, the cast of Justice League came down the aisles to roaring applause as “Come Together” played over the speakers.

There was some trepidation since rumors were that Affleck would be leaving the character of Batman after Justice League. “Let me be clear,” says Affleck, “Batman is the greatest f***ing part in the world. I am thrilled to do it.” He seemed to confirm that he’ll be starring in The Batman for director Matt Reeves since he said he’d be happy to perform as an ape in the background for the incredibly talented filmmaker.

Then they showed the newest Justice League trailer. This needs no introduction. Glue your eyeballs to your screen and click play:

The hints that Superman will actually appear in Justice League seem too real now. Even Gal Gadot sort of almost confirmed it.

In the past, I’ve been cautious of this movie. But this new trailer? Loads of fun. Maybe a little overkill but you know what, I’m just happy to be excited about Justice League again.

November 17. Come together.

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