‘Days Gone’ Looks Horrifyingly Brilliant in New Trailer

Jack DeVries

The open-world post-apocalyptic adventure game, Days Gone, is one of Sony’s big budget games and the more we see of it, the more horrifying it gets. In a good way.

The latest Days Gone trailer is following that terrifying trend, this time with a focus on the game’s combat. By the looks of things, the game toes the line between stealth and all-out warfare with traps, guns, and other distraction tactics for the still human foes.

As this is a zombie game where the undead move in fast, violent packs, the ever-hungry hordes are constantly listening out for their next meal.

And it seems the pandemic that swept the land didn’t just affect humans. The animals like wolves and bears aren’t immune either, so protagonist Deacon St. John is going to have a bit of a fight on his hands, whichever way he turns.

Jack DeVries
I'm Jack! I like Pokemon, and sports themed anime shows where teenage boys cry a lot.
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