Earlier today came the leak of news that a brand new entry in the Darksiders series was on the way. Looks like THQNordic decided to not sit on their hands after that reveal went live on Amazon. Via an exclusive trailer on IGN, the first trailer, details, and launch year were all confirmed for Darksiders III. Take a look at the first trailer below.

What’s the deal? Darksiders III picks up where the series had left off in the last title. The apocalypse has happened, the world-ending four horsemen have been taking the blame for ending humanity early. Both War and Death tried their best to clean things up, but it didn’t go so well. Now it looks the third horseman has arrived, this time in the form of Fury.

Darksiders III Darksiders 3 Reveal Trailer

While War is still in chains (which is basically the opening of the first game), Fury is given the assignment of battling the seven deadly sins. Fury looks about as badass as her brothers, though she uses a deadly whip compared to War’s giant sword and Death’s knives. She also looks to have a better sense of humor than the fairly humorless heroes of the first two Darksiders.

Darksiders III Darksiders 3 Reveal Trailer

As said in the IGN piece, THQNordic has been working on a new entry in Darksiders since they bought series back in April of 2013. The original development studio of Vigil Games shut down back then but THQNordic hired back some of the top folks, “including the Game Director, Executive Producer, Technical Director, Lead Environment Artist, and more,” as the IGN story puts it. Not on that list is former Vigil boss and comic book legend, Joe Madureira. Though that’s understandable as Joe Mads is pretty busy with the video game adaptation of his Battle Chasers comic.

The game is planned for release in the very vague release window of 2018, so who knows just how far off Fury’s debut will be. Darksiders fans should be happy to see the return of a series that once seemed finished after THQ shut down. The big question is if Darksiders III can reach beyond the set of fans from the first two games. Good thing that both of the first entries are now available on just about every current system you could play these days. If you’re a fan of well-made Zelda clones or action games inspired by God of War, both are fun adventures.

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